Friday, February 26, 2010

bambaland wants you!

the 3A legion recruiting is getting thrown into high gear. all new members will now get their own armored battle suit. hand painted and weathered to your choice. each continent sporting region specific colors.... nah, that's actually all bullshit. give it time though... i don't second guess ash.

this is legion related though, promise. it's the single most badass custom bambaboss that ever lived. meticulously constructed by our beloved makadi3000. you remember him right? the man who birthed seeker and sweeper. yeah. well he's topped them all with iron penguin. this thing kicks so much ass, it blows my mind. the concept, construction [additions and subtractions] and paintjob are perfect. absolutely perfect. i must stop the bleeding of praise. i'm holding you back from the pics.
[who am i kidding? i know you skipped immediately past this part. :)]

jesus. look at that bulge...
is that full of landmines? or just one big sock?

the pilot has a matching "alles kaput" tattoo across his knuckles.
and if everything is broken, i'm guessing the sergeant here did it...

the bambaboss exhaust port survives!

smile. you die now.

two pouches full of peanut butter sandwiches,
and one big explosive hammer... it's gonna be a good day.
airhorn or megaphone?
which one can rupture more eardrums? airhorn?
ok, i vote airhorn then.

born a boy, now a man.

i'm at a loss for words. i want it. iron penguin fucking rocks. and i'm definitely not the only one who thinks so... read the words of praise. the thread.

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