Friday, May 29, 2009

clutter magazine yoka competition

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so there's this fantastic magazine named clutter based out of the UK. they are currently sponsoring a design competition in collab with adfunture. [adfunture manufactures the yoka] [the red and yellow bears below are yokas] [the badass above is my entry]
i entered this competition a few months ago and managed to get enough votes to make it to the finals. my little beast is now going against some serious competition.... go to the link below to check out all the finalists. i'll be asking for your vote later.

image courtesy of vinyl pulse

tip: click on the individual images of the finalists to see a 360 of the design.

patrolling the streets

you can see the fur texture the best here

going extinct in style.

one beautiful beast. and not because of his neck snapping power. this is a bear on every list, including the endangered one. 
he's a custom Mighty Mugg. super sculpey and acrylics are all you need. ...and maybe a hunger for carpal tunnel. painting individual hairs is a bitch. here's a rundown of my process...  
(you can see where I got lazy blending clay to body)

(gotta love the "gotta poop" stance)


some fur undercoat
(this is not some one-coat wonder)

anyone else getting started and wants any tips or advice? i'd be happy to share the limited knowledge that i have
email me at the.mastodon.lives @


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