Friday, December 4, 2009

the remnants.

the second one with a soundtrack... scroll to the bottom of the post.
hit play on the youtubes and then come back up here for maximum experience.

when things have been lost. forgotten. buried in the blood of the past. that's when they come out. not to rule, but simply to exist. for when what you see is all that you get, survival is no longer a given. there is work to be done and only a few with the tools to shoulder it.
these are the remnants.

eyes to the sky no longer necessary.
the dirt is all that pulses now.

the seeker feels all. including your fear.

treasures of a factory torn open.
the war stole lives but now outfits the survivors.

can love exist when all else has died?

the sweeper provides.

each scar becomes proof, of another day alive.

cobbled together from the glowing mind of makadi3000, seeker and sweeper reach a different world of customization. the level of detail and life in these two is really staggering. matted fur, the hint of blue on the shoulder. i'm just floored by how awesome these are. they don't belong on a shelf, they need to be free, wandering the wasteland of siberia or stalking the back streets of bucharest. my hat's off to you sir. well done.

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