Tuesday, October 27, 2009

battle of the bonnie blue brits.

this is an evolution. a small epic. the story of a boy. a boy who deep down wasn't a boy at all. only 1s and 0s whizzed through his head.
an unthreatening facade, just a little rough around the edges, kept him safe. this boy who would be boss traveled. snow capped mountain majesties became his companions. he spoke to the animals,
but none spoke back. he was content as a solitary traveler.
a collector of information. a sentry unaware of the mission he was so perfectly executing.

must take a big needle to tattoo steel.

he didn't mean to squeeze jerry so hard. honest.
at least he doesn't talk as much now.

chugging away, forever with an appropriate halo of smoke.

then the day that everything changed. the boy heard a whirring inside that he had not heard before. he felt funny inside, started seeing changes to his body. tubes where there were no tubes. gears replicating gears. thicker smoke than ever before. and oil everywhere for all his new additions. a strong urge to destroy washed over him. using a couple of sturdy hedgehogs and some sulphuric acid, he shed his tattoos for something a little more streamlined. he was now the machine he always knew he might be. an armored bulldog of survival. there would not be much in the quickly approaching war that would catch him off guard...

stepped in moss. one eye rusted shut. and leaking oil.
it was a good party.

this thing come with a transmorgrifier?
sweet. let's turn hobbes into a rhino.

during the zombie wave of 1940, home cremation bots
became all the rage. large and ungainly,
but available in patterns to match your decor!

three more killer bots to add to the 3A customizing fun. the first bambaboss above was done by custard4gravy. a beautiful rusty landscape of skull-pecking birds. check out all of his fantastic work
on the flickrs and twitters.

the second and thirds were done by the always amazing cris rose.
you know where to find him. at one point, ash made a comment about bambaboss being the field general for all the squares. so the matching duo here fit together nicely.

i loved that the guys used the exact same palette for their brilliant bosses, so i gave them a connecting story. hope you two don't mind.

arrrgghhhgh blllluguugugg hikkjjj

gralllhjghkkk blacuuhghghg eghty ack ack ack uckkk. yooooooooooogglubbb?
fllleerppp. fllleerppp. huoooojdjdjdslikkkkk kko kkkoooooooo. ghojjzad.


hliisssh shhhhlisshhkk. skclajtttt.

oooaooak. jjjerrooook? ghorv.

ohooook. awwwookkkkkooo. ttraauk.ttraauk.ttraauk.

Monday, October 26, 2009

eight crazy nights.

let a labbit into your dreams and this is what you get... peter pan hanging out with hitchcock, zombies and the swamp thing on a bar crawl, and gepetto transforming into dr. frankenstein. classy enough for your wheat side,and fantastical enough for your frosted side.
children's stories are supposed to be twisted.

the other eight amanda visell custom labbits...

yar, my toes be wet.

anybody lose a skull? anyone?

their lumberjackpiratetreehouse was definitely no girls allowed.

nothing like the smell of moldy green labbit in the morning.

cadbury labbit has a creamy center.

a sweet moonlit forest of cuddly creatures... and one hungry hunter.

just enough blackbirds. not enough pie.

free at last and already taking revenge whacks.

once again i'm blown away by the production level quality and the variety of concepts. it's a lot of labbit to love. there are 10 lucky homes that are now significantly cooler because of amanda.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

bunny fire burning on the forest floor.

thunk. thunk.
the sound of the axe sinking deeply into the fibrous wood echoes through the forest air. sharp clean curls of spiraling woodgrain decorate the leafy ground. the woodland creatures are cleansing themselves of their weaker limbs.
thunk. thunk.

amanda visell is the storyteller of the vinyl world. filling our shelves with fairy tales and soft spoken heroes: the sweet-faced animals with slightly darker secrets. below, her most recent pair. the wood donkey dunny and the wood labbit, both released by kidrobot.

brilliant pics by p!ng
i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok.

don't let that hidden face on the butt fool you.
terrible things happen in there.

because amanda couldn't leave awesome enough alone, she decided to do 10 customs of the wood labbit. the first two of which are below. they are being released two at a time at dailydujour. they will set you back $600.

even the smiling axe gets a toasty glow. flame on.

charred lumberjack is all the rage this season.

a venti iced labbit has only 7 calories!

and in the back... a frozen yogurt dispenser...

as usual, her style and precision are so tight they looks screen printed by a robot. keep your trigger fingers ready because i'm sure the next ones out the gate will go fast.

maybe if we ask really nicely, she'll share a photo of all of the customs together as one big happy orphanage.

stay up to date at her twitter. or blog.
or dive into the public pool at flickr.

Monday, October 19, 2009

terraforming munnyworld.

[ file this under: things i wish were mine ]

how big do you have to get before aliens start crop circling your face?
18" apparently. a sneak peek at tristan eaton's megamunny for this year's munnyworld, from vpeast.

the takeover has begun.

i want to move to a country that can move.

wow. just wow.
which one is the button to access the hidden city inside?

stowaway or the brains behind it all?

tristan eaton: former resident of the D and designer of the dunny.
completely killed it on this monstrosity. the graphic / landscape combo worked to perfection. i'd love to see a cross-section of what the
inside of the head would look like. underground water tables and a molten core?

munnyworld opens november 13th in nyc.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

artist spotlight: [ dust ]

the first one with a soundtrack... scroll to the bottom of the post.
hit play on the youtubes and then come back up here for maximum experience.

dust accumulates; gets stuck in the cracks; adds depth, and represents decay. dust lives in all the crunchy places you can't reach, including your head. this dust is from deutschland. sifting through
the air, adhering to your fears and dancing in the light.

a brilliantly subtle artist who excels at gritty textures with a surprising amount of life. a post-apocalyptic breeding ground for
the strength of survival. there's a lot of emotion simmering in his simple forms, just dying to reach out and grab you with crumbling concrete fists.

one deep breath, and down you go.

the bullets scar but will never reach my core.

the colorful [by dust standards] ras lineup
strong arms on the scene.
i want to see what's in that back hatch.

der eisbar. lecker.

silent sentries of oceania.

custom munny and alteregos
the post wall-e generation emerges.

some things can't be unsaid. some stains can't be unbled.

kriechers... coming soon.
the bowling balls have gone sentient.

one more wave of confusion.

schergen nr.1
they eat your dreams, but never your nightmares.

drunk on the desperation.

always evolving, always destroying.

dust also has patience.
lots of it.

the strafing never stops.

the man feels it. that much is clear. i can't help but be sucked into his twisted dripping world.
it's a cozy place if you let it take you.
follow him here. here. and here.

squirming cats and dogs.

just one little picture of a fantastically simple munny named pablo. done by uberkraaft. loving the simplicity and craftsmanship. giving me a little clarity for my mental week. let's hope he continues to play in the vinyl world. [crosses fingers]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

artist spotlight: [ monstrehero ]

in the event of a full-scale zombie attack, at least we'll know cliff and sean of monstrehero will be safe. they'll sit each brain-muncher down, paint em sparkly colors, maybe pose them for some snapshots... give them a purpose. that's all they really want. something to be proud of and a little color. our zombie befrienders: monstrehero will save us all. but first they're gonna make a shitload of sweet resin toys with guts.
weeping windex for humanity.

life in beautiful technicolor.

that pop rocks/soda combo is no joke.

the invisible man and his visible brother steve.
both have stomach problems.

and the legendary jell-o shot was never seen again.

flame on skippy mcclear shorts.

previously blogged for toy karma
godzilla loves birthday parties. they're delicious.

sweet pic by pata
zombie attack victim feels so alone.

sweet pic by connell
kaiju fans and their flaming piles of money.

sweet pic by pata
the heroic couple watches the mushroom cloud bloom.

sweet pics by connell
just a stupified man and his slimer.

another sweet pic by connell
rick didn't believe the tie-dye button was real.
he was wrong.

sweet pic by pata
catlike reflexes mean nothing in the void of purgatory.

so let the monsters come. the monstreheros have it all under control. they own the gutsy victims. and more importantly, the rainbow. the outbreak can't handle colors of this magnitude. so feel safe. feel safer by picking up some sacrificial victims for yourself... here. or go look at their pretty pictures on flickr. either way, you can't lose. they're building a resin army for the apocalypse. good to know someone is looking out for us all.


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