Tuesday, October 12, 2010

down boy.

i'd like to live in a world where penguins have dogs; especially mega-huge mechahunds. the brilliant thing about k-9s is their desire to please. now imagine that desire with the strength of an abrams tank and a 50 cal machine gun. suddenly everyone around you becomes obedient.

makadi3000 has, of course, done it again. eagle eye is a killer sidekick to iron penguin. although, i can't quite wrap my head around his bulk through the interwebs. iron penguin is 12" tall... and eagle eye's in a bit of a squat... sooooo, he's like a steel watermelon. maybe one of those square japanese ones. astute eyes will see that he's built on the body of a wwr bramble. but then you will also see that he no longer looks anything like his body donor. this is one sick puppy.

little known fact: eagle eye was born when shaq got food drunk
at an old country buffet and ended up making love to his F650

now you can see why he calls him a dog.
just don't let mega-snoopy drop a deuce in your yard.

crotch cannon!

red! 24 sweep hotdog on 2! hut hut, you're fucked.

children please avert your eyes from the scorched butthole
if you light a match, the entire internet could go up in flames.


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