Monday, February 15, 2010

〔 σ : ∞ 〕

black and white are connected at the core, and yet get plastered
on fundamental opposites. wedding:funeral. jedi:sith. salt:pepper. life:death. michael jackson 1980:michael jackson 2009. [rip]
but that's what makes them so beautiful... the clash of values. the full spectrum of light covered in two colors. it's an insidious brotherhood.

the excellent kenn munk is quite the torchbearer of the two colossi.
so in the interest of further exploration, he created this series of 1/6 figures in 2006 and called them every thing is black or white.
and they fucking rule. they deliberately have no backstory, which really only adds to the stark mystique. i want them all.

killed: one ceramic deer and one spanish drain wookie.

this is what paintball should look like.
making it immensely cooler and nerdier at the same time.

the pacman ghosts have had almost 30 years
to quietly evolve into ruthless assassins.

i want to see mr. munk own project runway with this outfit.

guys, hurry up and kill that thing.
they've got tots in the cafeteria...!

and with that, the great dunny slaughter of 2020 was complete.
the big guy fought hard, but eventually went out tagged with stickers
from punkass emo-industrial-house bands.

the elite team members were designed and built from a combo of found, created and stolen bits. you can play where's waldo with the breadclip... i swear it's in there.

you can see more munk exploits on his site
or listen to his words of wisdom on twitter.
toysrevil did a nice little interview with him when these came out a few back, check it.

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