Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it's gonna be a massacre.

friday is fast approaching and bambaland is getting more insane by the minute. an entire battalion of wwrp large martins are set to be deployed. because of the crazy number of packs that will be available, i decided to give you a visual breakdown so your heads don't explode. it's simple, kinda.

for $130 you can pick yourself up a trio of 1/12 wonders. each of the three packs consist of a large martin, a damn large martin [two guns] and an rpg bramble [fucking rocket launcher!]

never content to rest, ash has added several new paint styles to the growing list: dam buster, phobos, norge, pink dazzle, mod chip [pirate] and grave digger [special ops].

as always, click on any image to make it big.
blank figures are placeholders until we see the real deal.

but that's not all! for a limited time, you can pick yourself up a 3x3 pack consisting of everything you see above for $350. that's everything in pack 1, everything in pack 2 and everything in pack 3... lucky purchasers of the mega set will receive... for free, i repeat for free, a wwrp blanc de plume! that's three large martins, three damn large martins, three rpg brambles, one of which in sexy pink dazzle AND a free blanc de plume. that's at least 13 guns a blazing! fingers on your paypal buttons, quantities are limited. operators are not standing by.

1/6 blanc de plume shot from cris rose
free. like a bullet in the head.

and that's. not. all. i don't know how they keep doing it, but my jaw is on the floor. there are also two more ridiculously awesome squadron packs. all the troops in matching colors ready for some serious shit. no word on price yet, but with random drops and no word on quantities, you'll be lucky to see these teams sitting in your cart. [they will go fast]

frosty choad corp
both martin flavors, rpg bramble, square, bertie with shotgun...
and ice in their hydraulic veins.

the big reds
single and double barrel martin, rpg bramble, square, and sabre bertie [sword?] with a healthy dose of communism for good measure.

and the one other tease we've seen is a retail only colorway. auspublic region def. i'm sure he won't be alone. for reference, all the larges in the above packs will not be available anywhere else.
so if you've had your fancy tickled, you know where to find them.
if you're lucky enough to be 3AA, there will also be a nightwatch/daywatch/diy large martin pack.

for the record. i created all the compilation images above using bits and pieces from the official blog. so for the 100% real word, go there.

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