Tuesday, March 2, 2010

be at peace with your demons.

mutant vinyl hardcore might sound like a biker/fetish/snuff film, but it's not. it's better. mvh is the company created by lash, [the kaiju killer] and he's getting dangerously close to releasing his first piece of japanese vinyl, the sludge demon. and it looks sick; like a rampaging toxic buddha.

pretty fucking dynamic sculpt for something shaped like a baseball.

if the plague contracted syphilis,
and then shot up some ebola...

the little guy looks fast too.
probably not fast enough to escape the stank though.

i smell photoshoot at la brea...

i'm just floored by how much movement you feel from this guy. he feels squirmy and boiling like the boar demon in princess mononoke. crazy. lash has also posted some samples of the flake that will infect some of the pulls. i might have to make a little space on a shelf for this one. stay updated at mvh, or tell lash how much you dig it over at skullbrain.

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