Friday, January 29, 2010

lost in the woods of michigan.

64colors of sharp crisp crayons on a friday afternoon. could anything else be better? 64colors is actually a talented duo from here in the great white north, although i'm guessing their name is an allusion to the big box of 64. laura and eric had a big year with the release of marshall mashumaro; fathered by the terrific triumvirate of squibbles ink, rotofugi and 64colors.

the wilderness w├╝nderkids are quite talented character designers and as evidenced below, pretty handy with a paintbrush. their most recent conquest was 20" of mega munny.

porcelain face and a maple-hard ass.

flaming monkey horns. i like the sound of that.

not content to leave mischievous marshall alone, 64colors has started customizing and selling the little nugget. some are still available in their shop.

the river runts
half vampire gourd, half booger.

marshall monsters
this is why lucha libres wear masks.

you can count their rings to see how many children they've mauled.

stay tuned as i'm sure they'll continue to blow minds this year with even more hidden creatures and woodgrained midgets.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cellar dweller.

i always find it impressive when an artist can re-imagine their own work, especially when that work is so great in the first place.
chris m. ryniak [the 'm' stands for 'the master'] seems to explode and regrow muscamoots daily. the latest is a gift for his mother, who lives by big muscamoot bay. such a place really exists? who knew? anyways, on to the bait.

inmate #872347
muskies love posing for mugshots.

you can rub my tummy for luck... or chlamydia.

sexy like a booger with horns.

i love this guy. the tiger striped arms. the drool/mucus stains. the petrified glare. the soft fish belly. the old chewing gum lips... what more could you want? he's incredible. and mrs. ryniak - if you ever get tired of this guy drinking all your spoiled milk.... you know where to send him.

chris has been busy since i last posted his stuff. a solo show at copro nason is coming up on february 13th. simultaneously they'll be hosting work from martin wittfooth, who i introduced to you a few days ago.

a sneak peak of two fuzzy little bastards for the burgeoning show
millions of tiny teeth in an even tinier mouth.
he's like a wooly pencil sharpener.

broccoli cat wants to taste your fear.
hold still please.

the rest of this mind-bending work is just stolen from chris' site.
but it's all newish.
this is why you don't sneeze with your eyes open.

the smurfs totally should've had gills and fish eyes.

so metal it hurts.

even gaia has bad hair days.

did you know you can speak with chris? i mean actually engage him in conversation about his work? it's true. he's got his own forum on the circus posterus boards. go bug him, or at least get the latest.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the dropcloth droppeth.

wind up your cuckoo clocks, break out the sundials. the newest member of the wwr 1/6 clan is arriving in two days and some hours. you should already be aware of this. but if not, go to the official blog to see a realtime countdown.

dropcloth is set to cut you up with a swat van full of weapons and some wicked dance moves. he's 12" tall which means 6' in "real" life, and because of his man-like proportions, i hear he's quite poseable. so i expect good things out of you wwr flickr group of champions...

ash just put this excellent class photo up on the blog this week. for those of us who do not have one of each behemoth, it's awesome to see their size in relation to each other. brings the view of the battlefield just a little clearer.
john h. : suicidal : olivier : jungler : dirty deedlet

all together now... evisceration!

so far there have been ten droppies hinted at.
the first 4 are part of the pack released on thursday.
desert [monty]
medic [dr. zhivago]
jungle adventure [jungler]
slim red
commando [uncle2]
emgy [with riot shield, baton and mk2 peaceday square]

instead of showing you a bunch of studio shots of the boys,
i thought i'd give them a little playground.
note [none of them have their decals yet]

jungler, monty and dr. zhivago step out
for a little game of death ball.

red and jungler.
[the pools of blood are behind the camera]

snowballer and uncle go searching
for some punk-ass kids.

emgy is also releasing on thursday, but only if you are 3AA. which i am now, thank you ash, kim, benny, ivy and candy. nw/dw/diy will be a super secret release god knows when. all the others you will have to search for at retailers. don't sleep on these. you'll smack yourself later.

abandoned barracks gym courtesy of vincent jansen.
shots of the detroit train station courtesy of 500milesfromfargo and mwysor.
photoshops by me.

Monday, January 25, 2010

when siegfried ate roy.

white tiger walrus man with elephantitis. score!
the loyal subjects are set to drop the iceman tomorrow,
and i think i know a home that will soon be a little frostier...
this is the colorway that we all knew would rock. and rock it does. limited to 197 pieces, or 394 tusks.

pick a giant hand... any giant hand.
everyone's a winner.

your toes can't get frostbite when they're the size of cinderblocks.
just saying.

click here to see his tiger cub scout brother.
or you can just scroll down.

Friday, January 22, 2010

the imperial base on mars.

you know what rocks and shouldn't work but totally does? a bramble with a tie pilot helmet. created by kirkland jue of toybot studios by fusing a diy wwrp bramble and a medicom vcd tie fighter pilot. properly weathered and armed, this little badass is currently at the it came from skullbrain ii show at super7.

see kids. this is why you freeze your head.
walt disney and ted williams are gonna come back as robots.

that's at least an AT-STs worth of weapons.

what separates the droids from the bots?
i say the ability to kill.

skinny legs are great and all,
but those mickey gloves and boots are borderline.

killer work kirkland. i would've never guessed those two could fuse so seamlessly. kinda makes me want to pick up some vcds to dissect and frankenstein.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


am i drunk or is that possessed bunny rocking a giant snail shell?
...on a mushroom. that's what i thought. i am drunk.

created by storybook-named martin wittfooth, aesop's folly is soon to be released by newbies big spoon toys, in two colorways for a grand total of 500 creepy bunnies. there are also 3 handpainted versions still available from the 'a cry for help' show at thinkspace. the show also has a huge pile of other bitchin work available from artists you know and love.

i must say, it's nice to see some texture and originality leaking back into vinyl. there's been too much of a push into uber-simplistic diy platforms recently. i want to see some existing artists' work be brought to 3d, and martin's fits the bill nicely.

fur and slime wouldn't seem to mix well.
evil fur and evil slime however mix perfectly.

to give you a better grasp of the wittfooth world, i've very generously stolen some of his work from his site to show you. dig in.

saints preserve us
my ass. my ass. my ass is on fiyah.

export tragedy
when i run out of poop, i'm throwing this bomb.
fair warning.

as we waited
porkchop sandwiches!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

a deadly throne.

before i get to the good stuff, i have an announcement. it's other good stuff. i got married on new year's eve and will therefore be going on an amazing honeymoon on monday. that means you [all 7 of you] don't get any new content till i get back. so don't delete my bookmark, i haven't died. i will return and i've already got a pile of awesome shit to show you. stay tuned.

i'm a fuckin robot y'all!

he's coming.
the 1:1 square, not the random kid in protective gear. ash has said it himself. and so it will be. scheduled to drop at the next "3A art event", which is still a mystery in itself. my theory is that it will have something to do with the jerry bruckheimer produced film of the WWR universe.

only 20 of the deadly little bastards will be made, presumably in fiberglass. although presuming means fuck all when we're talking about 3A. they're likely to make it out of compressed peanut butter just to show everyone else it can be done. ready to hold your cold beer during the game or just chase your kid around the living room, the square will stand about 24" enormous. ash has also said that each one will be different. of course they will. as much as i'd love to have one of these friendly/deceptive machines, i'm sure they will be instantly snapped up by luckier men than me. i'm sure we'll get more info before they get deployed in the summer.

picture of the square by coab. picture of the random kid by i, rodius. photoshop by me.


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