Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i am the wyger.

i'm a tiger man. who isn't really? but i'm also a polar bear man. and you know what animal almost sort of has a similar habitat to a polar bear? yep, a walrus. so you make a tasty sandwich out of a walrus and a tiger and you get this.

hot on the heels of their smash hit dragon boy, the wyger [in my opnion] rocks so much harder. if dragon boy weren't in three pieces maybe i'd feel differently. this toothy, whiskery mug is just so much tougher.

the sabertooth connection is eons old.
and therefore eons of awesome.

you can make it a three-way combo
if you count his elephantitis.

tigerbaby for comparison.

500 of these puppies will be floating around out there. and you can preorder one now. or you can do like me and wait to see the other colorways before committing. there are at least 3 planned at the moment. blue, white and orange. [dragon boy had 5] i'm liking the way the loyal subjects are pumping out great stuff. keep it up guys.

Friday, December 18, 2009

grizzled warrior bones.

what's half a general? a major general? or a colonel? although general zoo is really more like 3/4. so maybe that makes him a lieutenant general? all those stars are confusing.

what's not confusing is how awesome this guy is. bloody skeleton with overgrown hippie hair and pseudo-armor? bad. ass. i wish he wasn't so limited in number, because i'm pretty sure i need one. he was just released today, so you still have a chance. head towards the light.

a war santa from the dark side.
he only delivers pain.

pretty sure that's called scoliosis.
didn't you get checked in gym? dumbass.

is that a ribcage or a holding cell? damn.

oh wait. did i not mention that his bones
are held together with magnets? what a dick.

does he come with a working flamethrower too?
how much cooler can he get?

early proto shot from toysrevil
looks like at one point he had a helmet.
and the other half of his face.
guess he wasn't wearing his helmet.

there will be 27 happy dudes on christmas morning.

so here's the whole rundown.
general zoo [injury special edition of 27]
from the fools paradise line by [=27:fool's]
designed by double line
produced and manufactured by G999
the 9" madman can be purchased for $180 [shipping included]
by emailing the evil geniuses at order@g-999.com
or by emailing alan ng [double line] at alwaysalan@netvigator.com

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

no jekyll.

just hyde.
usually content to explode some color on a wall, hyde has dipped his toes into the vinyl world. and naturally, he killed it. you can see the years of work he's put in to get his shit as tight as possible. the layering of patterns and the kaleidoscope of color will literally freeze you in your tracks.

my gamorrean uncle pauly.
this my train.

munny skull > real skull.
that is hard to do.
tenochtitlan here has some skills.

perhaps he was sacrificed on an incan temple in a previous life.
perhaps he's just a visionary.

these dudes get all the hottest skeleton girls in hell.

popping up for the random custom show isn't going to be enough to satisfy the drooling hordes once his work gets a little airtime. i hope you're ready for the onslaught. follow his flickr for the latest.

Monday, December 7, 2009

11001101001110101001 unite.

i can't fucking wait until we evolve into these ...gonna be sweet.

sadly none actually "exist" at the moment. they are simply awesome 3d renders by the extremely talented zamak. he did mention he's looking into bringing one or two to life, perhaps in resin.
consider me in line.

do NOT arm wrestle marco. seriously.

able to leap small planets in a single bound.

agility comes easily when your feet have legs.

these penguins can probably fly too.
after they kill you with kindness.
don't ask. it can be done.

...don't say golf balls...don't say golf balls...
shit, he heard me.

that's why my abs don't look like that. they aren't vented!

do you still need mitten strings in spacesuits?

you don't need camo when nothing can touch you.
bring it.

somebody give this man a contract and start pumping out these puppies. he's one saturday morning cartoon away from greatness. there's a lot of anatomical exploration going on here and i'm really, really digging it. for anyone else digging it, check out this interview from matthewnewton.

Friday, December 4, 2009

the remnants.

the second one with a soundtrack... scroll to the bottom of the post.
hit play on the youtubes and then come back up here for maximum experience.

when things have been lost. forgotten. buried in the blood of the past. that's when they come out. not to rule, but simply to exist. for when what you see is all that you get, survival is no longer a given. there is work to be done and only a few with the tools to shoulder it.
these are the remnants.

eyes to the sky no longer necessary.
the dirt is all that pulses now.

the seeker feels all. including your fear.

treasures of a factory torn open.
the war stole lives but now outfits the survivors.

can love exist when all else has died?

the sweeper provides.

each scar becomes proof, of another day alive.

cobbled together from the glowing mind of makadi3000, seeker and sweeper reach a different world of customization. the level of detail and life in these two is really staggering. matted fur, the hint of blue on the shoulder. i'm just floored by how awesome these are. they don't belong on a shelf, they need to be free, wandering the wasteland of siberia or stalking the back streets of bucharest. my hat's off to you sir. well done.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

blinded by the night.

weeping emotion. little miss misery has entered a world beneath ours, not soon to emerge. who knows what unspeakable act she had to commit to obtain the skull of a demon, attach a strap and wear it proudly. she's for real. there are few things creepier than a little girl who can blend with grandma's decor and then eat your soul while you sleep.

don't ask or it'll happen to you.

like i said...

the colors, the atmosphere. fantastic. it's the first kathie olivas custom i've seen that maintained the same emotional wonderland and yet defined a style within the same universe. you've done a brilliant job. brought to life by jeremy regan. hazel will never be the same.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


the false friends are here to terrorize your neighborhood. coarsetoys will release them on december 10th for 24 hours and then officially in january. it's noop and paw totally krossed out. only 200 of the tag team will live in milky bliss.


once again, with some of the greatest packaging for anything. period.
really digging the bunny suit.
paw's t-bone body? not so much.
where'd the superhero physique go?

they do have pretty killer glares though.

not sold separately. to my dismay.

13" tall and only $4,400 hong kong dollars.
don't convert that. it'll make you sad.

i want this variant/custom. it just makes too much sense.
grey up that bunny suit, give him an attachable mask.
and turn paw into a demon. sold.

the new noop head rocks. as does the paw head. and if you could swap them back and forth i would be all over it. but as it stands, incredible packaging and one of two figures floating my boat isn't enough for me. this time.

there will undoubtedly be other colors. possibly even the ashley wood 3A / coarsetoys collaboration built on this platform. so stay tuned.

frank the bunny pic by dearsomeone

Monday, November 30, 2009

ape ween.

monstrehero smash! the mysterious apes are loose and ready to rip off some fucking heads. including their own. i love the color choices and the gnarled up clobbering hand. meet your doom gorilla haters.

he's got anger issues because his nipples are too close together.

don't eat pens kids.

warpaint only on the schlong.
would be intimidating.

if you hurry you can pick up one of these 7" monsters.
i hope this is a long-running mold.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

way down under.

the teeth bones connect to the murder bones.

part velociraptor, part kangaroo, part down-syndrome baby, this yoka is clearly from another plane. brent nolasco is the mad genius behind it, surprise surprise. an incredible transformation from a cute dumpy bear to a lithe savage demon.

eats only spinal cords and achilles tendons.
that's why he's got those jumping legs.

painted with the blood of keebler elves.

this is why you always check your shoes when hiking.

this mean little bastard was on display at dcon this last weekend.
i wonder who the lucky new owner is. too bad it's not me.

Friday, November 20, 2009

grinding gears.

cris rose is unstoppable. from his aquatic lair, he continues to one-up himself with more advanced and fantastical creatures. his style and technique continue to expand and refine, and it's brilliant to watch.
i can't keep up.

that little mouth will bore right through you...
like a piranha through pâté.


chocolatey smooth with a creamy brain center.
so what if he's a little slow.

[deep forest] wwrp bramble [monty the lumberjack]
i'd be a lumberjack if a gatling gun was standard. damn.

paul bunyan couldn't hold a candle to monty.
although they do both love flapjacks.

if these don't get you excited, then you have no eyes. be sure to click all of their names for their wonderfully elaborate stories. i'm itching to see what cris does with the pallet of full-size armstrongs he's got burning a hole on his workbench. stay tuned.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

triple dutch.

dutch master of awesome, collin van der sluijs is rocking the canals with his incredible painterly customs. these are not your normal quickie jobs. incredible depth and color with multiple story lines gracing every inch. i'm blown away. plus he picks excellent canvases.

sug surrealism
this is the cat who keeps leaving hairs in my mouth while i sleep.
creepy little bastard.


knuckle bear
cloudy with a chance of delusions.

darth vader
lord vader's an avatar?

i want to get lost in these little wonderlands. who wants to go to amsterdam? stop in a cafe, maybe check out his other amazing pieces like this...

rockets, risk board, hotdogs, robots and fucking tanks?
fijne verjaardag!

collin's flickr of fun.


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