Thursday, April 29, 2010

there will be [more] blood.

general zoo has crossed to the dark side. well, darker than a body ripped in half dripping blood from its exposed skeleton... actually that isn't really any darker, it's kinda the same. except now he's got kind of an s&m leather thing going on... he'd make a very sexy samurai sith lord.

regardless of the depth of his propensity for evil, general zoo strikes quite a wicked silhouette. accented even more strongly by this new newspaper color combo. soon to be released by artoyz, there will be only 54. feel free to make up your own epic story about the 54 generals who bravely defended their fortress from the hordes of attacking barbarians.

chapstick will not relieve semi-severed lips. need carmex for that.

fat vader here really needs to watch where he's drippin...
he's covering up all my old blood stains.

mr. barkley goes to war.

Monday, April 26, 2010

whale watching.

munko is breeding. the david choe creation is fast evolving and coming fast. he'll be premiering at sdcc courtesy of good smile japan. blind boxed presumably in at least 5 flavors; all of which look delicious. don't know any other specifics yet or if they'll be for sale there, but it couldn't hurt to pack a few extra bucks in your pocket just in case. i can't wait to see these in person. pretty sure i can't resist a cartoon whale skeleton.

sketches courtesy of juxtapoz.
i've named them:
skinny, tit-nubs, lobotomy and robot-butt.
i'm a class 3 namer.

couple preview shots from the nothing to declare show on daily dujour.
blowhole deep in krill and kirin.

he was still hungry...
the legs had to go.

a munko of the 06 vintage. from the frice show at anno domini.
lost in his own personal american apparel shoot...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

peel back the curtain.

you cruise by in your pink go-cart every day. completely oblivious to the wormhole that lives behind the industrial facade. all it takes is one curious soul to find the zipper pull and whoosh. nothingness.

this mega munny is perfection. painted by adam haynes as a fundraiser for gallatin valley skatepark. it's up for auction right now with a pile of other munnys. this one takes the cake though. incredible detail, rough neglected subject matter and a nice overall balance to the image vs. the figure. you rock adam. and i want this.

if you burp hard enough, you could rip your face. just saying.

middle school chicks dig the go-cart.
too bad he's not a middle school dude.

all those ripe lines and not one shittin pigeon...
something isn't right here.

you can make this yours. the bid is currently floating at $810.
you've got until friday. snatch it.
i was tipped off to this killer piece by spankystokes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

the mother lode.

holy balsagna. there's a storm brewing in beijing and it's looking to do some damage. 3A is slowly releasing info about their next art event on june 25th... it's going to be like christmas in july... um, in june.

toys! art! some sort of live music! probably beer! i'm supremely sad that i won't be able to partake in all the legendary festivities. tickets to china tend to not be cheap. but i can live vicariously through the rest of the legion. that's healthy right? at least financially.

i think she's ready...

there will be work from these 5 badasses and badassette.
[jem's will be in the form of prints, not ogs]
[these are just examples. we don't know yet what they'll show in beijing]
[kenny wong copperhead image courtesy of Nykhö]

[understatement of the year]
all of the below will be available in some quantities.
click to enlarge.
[photoshop compilation by me]

but wait, there's more...

remember when i dropped the megaton bomb about 1:1 squares?
which by the way will be making their debut at this show.
this is better.

a 12 foot tall metal large martin [nearly 1:1]
weighing in at 1900 pounds of fuck you.
...head explodes.

/rechecks prices of tickets to beijing...
head explodes again.

i am just in awe. i'm also filling with a combination of sadness and jealousy. i think it's called whyohwhycan'tigetmydumbasstobeijing. amazing artists, amazing toys and a small army of life size robots will be dancing through my head for the next two months. if you are cool enough to make the trek, make sure you check in here to talk to all the other cool people in the cool club. i'll be sitting here anxiously waiting for pictures.

and as always, the best place for more news about this mecca of awesome is the blog or gimby's news.

images for the toy release compilation were blatantly stolen from:
expathos, dedguy, dedguy and dedguy one more time. and also 3A.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

stop. hammer time.

the crown jewel of nikejerk's recent show: a single mega hammer brother. mega indeed. hammer bros were the original punk ass kids if you didn't know... seriously, hammers? hammers fucking hurt. hammer bros were also my favorite baddie from the mario worlds. and so i find it appropriate that he is the most kick ass piece from chomping at the bit. he was also sold at the show, which makes me happy. he deserves a good home and a backpack full of hammers and maybe a fat man to throw the hammers at.

why wouldn't mario just chuck a plumber's wrench in retaliation?
plumber's wrenches are huge... split that shell like a ripe melon.

jared was kind enough to share some of his process
in creating such a crazy beast. it's worth your four minutes, promise.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wall o' gold.

i be busy, so the land of frost be slow.

just wanted to post up some oldish pics of multiple personalities collection.
still one of the best setups of any vinyl collector i've seen.
even if you aren't a fan of some of the pieces... the overall effect is killer.
now i want some lucky charms...

Monday, April 12, 2010

the space between.

right now there is a portal, cut by a subtle knife, between two worlds. two worlds which are not ours, but instead are sandwiched between. the portal is here at gallery 1988. they only have the technology to hold the connection for another week or two, so you have to hurry if you want a glimpse. in one world lives the supercouple, kathie olivas and brandt peters. and in the other world... magic. they must have a private portal in their basement or something, because they both continue to kidnap incredible creatures from the other side.

there were a few new faces debuting at the show. all of which are pretty amazing. lizzie and junior standing 25.5" high. a few elizabeths at a massive 36". and a bunch of customs of brandts latest the skelve.

all creepy little girls need tentacled friends.
and rubber ink-resistant bear hats.

my what big craniums you have.

three inches is a very good height indeed!

some cuckoos eat souls. like maybe this one.

they don't need arms to gnaw your bones.

you can run, but there is definitely nowhere to hide.

there is such a thing as too much fiber in your diet...

i'm floored by how much work was in this show. you guys are amazing and the work looks incredible. there are still some pieces available if you look here. don't snooze, they're disappearing fast.

Friday, April 9, 2010


doo doo doo, doodoo doodoo, doodoo doodoo doodoo doo doo doodoo...
[that's the mario theme music if you aren't musically inclined]

the brooklyn brothers have busted through the 8-bit wall into a crazy show by jared cain [nikejerk]. it's called chomping at the bit and it opens tonight at ultra pop. jared whipped up about 50 different pieces in 5 weeks for this thing, all of which rock. i'm amazed he's still conscious. as always, his style is instantly recognizable and lends itself brilliantly to the iconic faces. these guys are like family. we've all obviously spent enough time with them, and it's nice to see them get some love back.

the royal court. plus toad!
i love toad.

if you live in kentucky, you have no excuse.
take a night off from loitering at sonic...

donkey kong smash!
there should totally be barrels of beer at the show,
and you should have to blow into a nintendo cartridge breathalyzer to leave. ha.

[sneaky peek: work in progress]
chain chomp would be a brilliant halloween costume.
you could whip a black dodgeball at people all night long...

so what are you waiting for?
kentucky is probably only a 23 hour drive from your random location...
get your ass in the car.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

rothchild has begun.

even war bot barons have to start somewhere, and i'm guessing that somewhere
is a garage. rustedhalo has created a 1:1 bramble from cardboard. this is man-sized people! UD018 stands on his own and has pretty slick mobility for something that used to hold wrapping paper. what an awesome undertaking. weapons are still to come. i'm in awe. amazing work, especially with those hands... incredible.
you deserve a medal.

[stand is just for safety]
is bramble gonna have to choke a bitch?

what restraint...
everyone else that poses articulated hands
immediately goes for the middle finger.
...classy choice with the "taint tickle"

even ponda baba's robot arm got chippity chopped.

please tell me there's giant pringles under there...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

carnival demons.

flashing lights, ill-fitting clothing, the smell of corndogs and vomit... it's carnival time. don't let the sweat and slim jim stained shirt fool you... the ride operator is a completely trustworthy individual. he's actually a mechanical engineer student, and he definitely triple checked all the bolts on the death-a-twirl.

as much fun as sugar rushes and picking broken glass out of your children's feet can be, it can't last forever. the dream-bringers have to pack up their wares and spread their love to the next deprived town. and when they leave, some things are bound to be left behind. (besides syphilis) this little guy is one of them...

fevers and translucent dreams by brent nolasco. another trippy kaleidoscope of fear. composed of bits of 4 different vinyl and resin pieces, a few found objects and 68 tabs of acid. i can't get over how crazy and amazing this thing is. i love it.

all your face are belong to us... or something.

do a little twirl on the catwalk...
...put the cat skeleton down. that's not what...ew
bits are falling off, seriously. you're getting corpse juice everywhere.

we got some soda, purple stuff... hey look! sunny d.
ah shit, i think it's demon saliva again.

this sweet little turd is also part of the 5 eyed dragon show at dragatomi i mentioned yesterday. seriously you need to get there... look at this stuff.

all images were blatantly stolen from toysrevil. thank you.

Monday, April 5, 2010

throw out the sixer, let's get a keg.

before the jersey shore. before ultimate fighting. before jerry springer. there was drunken brawling of the harbor kind. and popeye was god. only in the 80s would it be acceptable for a children's icon to be a drunk toothless sailor who gets in bar fights. [ but he eats his vegetables! ] i always thought popeye was awesome because of his transformative powers. i really believed you could squeeze a can of spinach hard enough for all of it to fly up in the air so you could swallow it in one bite. i also believed your forearms could quintuple in size from catching said spinach. but to my credit, the easter bunny and god were still both totally legit at the time as well.

southerndrawl has completely killed it with his latest da minci custom popeye. i love that we get to see him after he's packed it in. he picked up some beers and some new tattoos and now he's going to fester. so cool.

i yam what i yam an thas all that i...
...i just shat in me shoe.

he owns one wifebeater made of sailcloth and 35 corncob pipes.

to do:
finish this tasty brew.
go visit swee'pea in juvy.

if you live in or around sacramento, you can go visit popeye in person starting next saturday at 7. he'll be a part of the 5 eyed dragon show at dragatomi. work from drilone, leecifer, brent nolasco and betso will also be there, so it should be good.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

hiding in your bushes.

for anyone not in san francisco, you're probably safe. but not for long. the lurkers are escaping this weekend at wondercon. 20 of these lanky dudes will come to life at the hands of skinner and the brothers washburn [color ink book]. then no bedroom window will be safe. the scrawny sasquatch will be marking his territory liberally. so if you're drifting off to sleep and smell the tang of musk in the air...

and if you don't know skinner, you don't rock quite as hard as i thought you did.
go look now. i'll wait.
so... are your eyes bleeding? in a good way? ok cool. now you're ready. carry on.

someone stole my skinny jeans!
and i didn't shave my fucking legs!

look... no flakes.
i use head & shoulders & chest & legs & back & feet & taint.

3D stabbing!

studio porn.

nothing snarky to say when it's awesome.


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