Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the legion grows.

in less than 2 months on the ground, the bambabosses are taking over. the 3A legion has responded quickly and decisively to bring this brute to life. there is some serious talent floating around bambaland. in case you didn't know, the bosses shipped totally white...

the nearly pantone-free getup is sharp as shit.

even a boss needs some sweet kicks.

toystarr [ game of death x kill bambaboss ]
simple and classic. the zomb boot print sealed it for me.

when charlie brown's go bad.

boneface [ bloody dirty deeds bamba ]
totally raw and insane. the true colors shine through.

semi-possessed eyeballs and a blood-soaked chin? prime.

expathos [ big red boss ]
so cute. until they burn your house down.


nwo [ inverted ]
killer panda brings no happiness, only pain.

the dirty duo.

these are some of the best, but more are posted everyday
at 3A toys and at the 3A outpost

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