Friday, February 19, 2010

candy coated chokehold.

why can't i quit you mongolion? you're just too badass. especially this screaming bruise of a beast by l'amour supreme, who's got some serious warpaint. this exquisite little demon was tossed up on flickr by pata the frenchman; who has quite the colorful collection [seen below] and a slick eye with the camera. nice little treasures for a friday afternoon.

he's been practicing his haka face.
or unleashing a hellacious fart.
either one.

these are not the toys you're looking for...
actually they are, but he looks like he's pulling a jedi mind trick.

aaaand the money shot.
amazingly colorful, like a class full of middle schoolers in d.c.
except without all the making out in the back of the bus.

you gotta respect the power of the dark side.

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