Friday, July 22, 2011

claw your way to the top.

don't play with black cats, you'll lose a finger. (soul)

spirit animal is different than wear your head as a mask, right?

this is no puss in boots.
although he does have some pretty sweet boots.

toes bloody from stomping grapes. (testicles)

so picture this: it's a 60s era alt/tokyo. you've pissed off the yakuza, so they've set their most lethal assassin after you. his name is big game. and wears a blackened bengal head. like he needed to any scarier than the yakuza's most feared assassin. now what? nothing because you're already dead. although in your final moment, you might be lucky enough to hear his purr as he drinks your blood.

the figure springs from the mind of paul harmon. sculpted by monster5. and made badass because tigers fucking rule. look for him this winter, but he'll probably find you first.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

to the fourth power.

um. sick.
all four fantastic members smashed into one giant munny. i love that it strongly represents each individual, with added depth from the comic panels, but also stands tall as a unified figure. that is no small task. usually things work as one or the other. that's a superpower in itself.

oh, the big boy (20") is still available for sale...
viseone knocked it out. go tell him you think so.


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