Monday, February 22, 2010

brush yo teef.

who wants a nice seared rangeas for dinner? a little wilted spinach, fresh mozzarella, some homemade pesto and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, all on top of crispy juicy monster meat. alright, now i'm hungry. serve with a nice red and hope his family doesn't come to avenge his death as your dinner.

robert de castro has done a delicious job on his latest custom rangeas. great color choice and some nice tight lines. check out those sparkly chompers. looks almost good enough to eat.

fruit stripe gum, and bubble gum!
...cept he doesn't like fruit.
ligaments'll give you a nice long chew though.

half eaten bodies can be thrown over your shoulder
that's why rangeas' evolved the natural meat hook...
for a nice backpack lunch later in the day.

in addition to busting out savory treats like this, robert is the founder of atomic mushroom: who've already released combat-r zero. and they've got panzer ace in the pipes. good word sir. good work.

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