Friday, February 26, 2010

bambaland wants you!

the 3A legion recruiting is getting thrown into high gear. all new members will now get their own armored battle suit. hand painted and weathered to your choice. each continent sporting region specific colors.... nah, that's actually all bullshit. give it time though... i don't second guess ash.

this is legion related though, promise. it's the single most badass custom bambaboss that ever lived. meticulously constructed by our beloved makadi3000. you remember him right? the man who birthed seeker and sweeper. yeah. well he's topped them all with iron penguin. this thing kicks so much ass, it blows my mind. the concept, construction [additions and subtractions] and paintjob are perfect. absolutely perfect. i must stop the bleeding of praise. i'm holding you back from the pics.
[who am i kidding? i know you skipped immediately past this part. :)]

jesus. look at that bulge...
is that full of landmines? or just one big sock?

the pilot has a matching "alles kaput" tattoo across his knuckles.
and if everything is broken, i'm guessing the sergeant here did it...

the bambaboss exhaust port survives!

smile. you die now.

two pouches full of peanut butter sandwiches,
and one big explosive hammer... it's gonna be a good day.
airhorn or megaphone?
which one can rupture more eardrums? airhorn?
ok, i vote airhorn then.

born a boy, now a man.

i'm at a loss for words. i want it. iron penguin fucking rocks. and i'm definitely not the only one who thinks so... read the words of praise. the thread.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ssssexy monglowlion.

coded message for SSSS members.

for those of you like me who are not a member,
[it stands for super seven secret society]
this is the next guy they get and i'm jealous.
he reminds me of every awesome GID i never had as a kid.
and there's still no mongolion on my shelf
to keep my muscamoot company.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

french cuffed.

if you haven't noticed. i don't like capitalization. but today, for BFLV,
i'll bend the rules. the french collector x photographer has a pretty slick site to showcase his gorgeous photos. he's also got a drool worthy collection. and since he's taken an interest in 3A, i've taken an interest in him.

oooooohhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh!
gebi's like the kool-aid man.
except instead of kool-aid, it's blood.
sandy blood.

god should really consider a redesign. his shit's getting stale.
dump the robes and model his sniper angels after the oyabuns...

level up on this bitch.

children of the candy corn.

springtime in monsterland...
where rangeas sniff wildflowers and shit marzipan.

the midget / star wars convention was going gangbusters...
until harold wandered in and instantly cockblocked an entire room.

words, words, words.
fuck it. just look at the sweet picture.

a wall of kaws and at least 23 flavors of rangeas? damn dude.
save some for the rest of us. i kid, i kid.

Monday, February 22, 2010

brush yo teef.

who wants a nice seared rangeas for dinner? a little wilted spinach, fresh mozzarella, some homemade pesto and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, all on top of crispy juicy monster meat. alright, now i'm hungry. serve with a nice red and hope his family doesn't come to avenge his death as your dinner.

robert de castro has done a delicious job on his latest custom rangeas. great color choice and some nice tight lines. check out those sparkly chompers. looks almost good enough to eat.

fruit stripe gum, and bubble gum!
...cept he doesn't like fruit.
ligaments'll give you a nice long chew though.

half eaten bodies can be thrown over your shoulder
that's why rangeas' evolved the natural meat hook...
for a nice backpack lunch later in the day.

in addition to busting out savory treats like this, robert is the founder of atomic mushroom: who've already released combat-r zero. and they've got panzer ace in the pipes. good word sir. good work.

Friday, February 19, 2010

candy coated chokehold.

why can't i quit you mongolion? you're just too badass. especially this screaming bruise of a beast by l'amour supreme, who's got some serious warpaint. this exquisite little demon was tossed up on flickr by pata the frenchman; who has quite the colorful collection [seen below] and a slick eye with the camera. nice little treasures for a friday afternoon.

he's been practicing his haka face.
or unleashing a hellacious fart.
either one.

these are not the toys you're looking for...
actually they are, but he looks like he's pulling a jedi mind trick.

aaaand the money shot.
amazingly colorful, like a class full of middle schoolers in d.c.
except without all the making out in the back of the bus.

you gotta respect the power of the dark side.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

deployment orders for the 501st.

heeeee's heeeeeere.

remember when i told you about this little tower of power?
well get your grubby little fingers ready because he's on his way.
$300. this is the spot to stalk.

24" tall. wheels on his feet.
it's like having your own roller skating midget.

firing fist!
shoot toddlers in the forehead!
scare a cat!
knock over a drink!

it may be a third the size, but it's got it where it counts.

i love you super7.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

it's gonna be a massacre.

friday is fast approaching and bambaland is getting more insane by the minute. an entire battalion of wwrp large martins are set to be deployed. because of the crazy number of packs that will be available, i decided to give you a visual breakdown so your heads don't explode. it's simple, kinda.

for $130 you can pick yourself up a trio of 1/12 wonders. each of the three packs consist of a large martin, a damn large martin [two guns] and an rpg bramble [fucking rocket launcher!]

never content to rest, ash has added several new paint styles to the growing list: dam buster, phobos, norge, pink dazzle, mod chip [pirate] and grave digger [special ops].

as always, click on any image to make it big.
blank figures are placeholders until we see the real deal.

but that's not all! for a limited time, you can pick yourself up a 3x3 pack consisting of everything you see above for $350. that's everything in pack 1, everything in pack 2 and everything in pack 3... lucky purchasers of the mega set will receive... for free, i repeat for free, a wwrp blanc de plume! that's three large martins, three damn large martins, three rpg brambles, one of which in sexy pink dazzle AND a free blanc de plume. that's at least 13 guns a blazing! fingers on your paypal buttons, quantities are limited. operators are not standing by.

1/6 blanc de plume shot from cris rose
free. like a bullet in the head.

and that's. not. all. i don't know how they keep doing it, but my jaw is on the floor. there are also two more ridiculously awesome squadron packs. all the troops in matching colors ready for some serious shit. no word on price yet, but with random drops and no word on quantities, you'll be lucky to see these teams sitting in your cart. [they will go fast]

frosty choad corp
both martin flavors, rpg bramble, square, bertie with shotgun...
and ice in their hydraulic veins.

the big reds
single and double barrel martin, rpg bramble, square, and sabre bertie [sword?] with a healthy dose of communism for good measure.

and the one other tease we've seen is a retail only colorway. auspublic region def. i'm sure he won't be alone. for reference, all the larges in the above packs will not be available anywhere else.
so if you've had your fancy tickled, you know where to find them.
if you're lucky enough to be 3AA, there will also be a nightwatch/daywatch/diy large martin pack.

for the record. i created all the compilation images above using bits and pieces from the official blog. so for the 100% real word, go there.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

be sure to clean your mushrooms.

the gnomes are attacking. they've developed some serious biofungal weaponry that eats you from the inside. they've already wiped out the smurfs and now they've moved on to some formidable forest demons. these bizarre half insect half plant monstrosities are the work of monstock. [gnome special forces] based on a real life phenomena explained here by japvinyl,

tochukaso yggdradon is the crazy kaiju result.

and this is why you call a plumber.

aww. he's almost cute for an ugly fucker.

lesson: don't microwave your peeps for more than 5 minutes...

i have no interest in actually putting one of these beasts in my home, but it makes me happy to know that there are people out there stretching the boundaries. incredibly creative results like this only serve to inspire other magnitudes of awesome. the easter colored bastard in the last picture looks like he'd fit right into the ecosystem
of the gaean trilogy by john varley. titan/wizard/demon. which, if you haven't read, i highly recommend.

Monday, February 15, 2010

〔 σ : ∞ 〕

black and white are connected at the core, and yet get plastered
on fundamental opposites. wedding:funeral. jedi:sith. salt:pepper. life:death. michael jackson 1980:michael jackson 2009. [rip]
but that's what makes them so beautiful... the clash of values. the full spectrum of light covered in two colors. it's an insidious brotherhood.

the excellent kenn munk is quite the torchbearer of the two colossi.
so in the interest of further exploration, he created this series of 1/6 figures in 2006 and called them every thing is black or white.
and they fucking rule. they deliberately have no backstory, which really only adds to the stark mystique. i want them all.

killed: one ceramic deer and one spanish drain wookie.

this is what paintball should look like.
making it immensely cooler and nerdier at the same time.

the pacman ghosts have had almost 30 years
to quietly evolve into ruthless assassins.

i want to see mr. munk own project runway with this outfit.

guys, hurry up and kill that thing.
they've got tots in the cafeteria...!

and with that, the great dunny slaughter of 2020 was complete.
the big guy fought hard, but eventually went out tagged with stickers
from punkass emo-industrial-house bands.

the elite team members were designed and built from a combo of found, created and stolen bits. you can play where's waldo with the breadclip... i swear it's in there.

you can see more munk exploits on his site
or listen to his words of wisdom on twitter.
toysrevil did a nice little interview with him when these came out a few back, check it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

artist spotlight: [ scott radke ]

enter through the ear. bore a little hole in the eardrum. crawl down the tunnel and chip away at the bone. shovel out a little wet cave of brain. climb in, curl up and plug yourself in. we're going deep and you'll want to be comfortable. this is the part of your mind where you keep the fear. the part that can only be looked at through a mirror.
the medusa section that will turn you to stone if you scrape too hard. secrets live here.

scott radke creates some of the most incredible creatures. all slightly dark. all toeing the line between real and nightmare. all slowly digging their claws into your spine for the sweet juices. these are creatures that stick with you, whether you want them to or not.

muriel had always dreamed of being a mother.
but she also had quite a hunger for omelettes.

her raw delicate fingers couldn't crack the shell.
so she sat on it and started planning the nursery.

feeling the bass thudding in their guts,
the brothers nervously shuffled out onto the dance floor.
...middle school was gonna rule.

although he'd never seen the ocean, mort bled seawater.
and so margot begrudgingly drew on his 'tats' every morning
with a pen.

ann destroyed the lawn. she had eaten every bit of grass she could
find to try and become a woodland faerie.
she was now going to destroy the bathroom.

the imp's reflection continued to spawn his clones.
he was nearly a plague.
he had to get the fuck out of this fun house.

greta loved philip, but his block collection was driving them apart.
she decided to gut him in his sleep.
she hated therapists.

mark split his personality into anthropomorphic sections,
hoping it would isolate his mental anguish.
the split worked, but he was now stuck
caring for a depressed squid and a schizophrenic moose.

exhausted from mounting the orphan's head on her wall,
lucinda got dressed and went out to be caught by the sartorialist.

content with his place on the wall,
greg prayed daily for sudafed.

narnia suddenly grew dark and cold.
the child kings were out for blood...
pulled by the herd of skin kittens.

these make me happy and inspired.
and jealous of all the lucky people who already own one.
just incredible work.

you can follow his latest here on his blog.


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