Tuesday, February 23, 2010

french cuffed.

if you haven't noticed. i don't like capitalization. but today, for BFLV,
i'll bend the rules. the french collector x photographer has a pretty slick site to showcase his gorgeous photos. he's also got a drool worthy collection. and since he's taken an interest in 3A, i've taken an interest in him.

oooooohhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh!
gebi's like the kool-aid man.
except instead of kool-aid, it's blood.
sandy blood.

god should really consider a redesign. his shit's getting stale.
dump the robes and model his sniper angels after the oyabuns...

level up on this bitch.

children of the candy corn.

springtime in monsterland...
where rangeas sniff wildflowers and shit marzipan.

the midget / star wars convention was going gangbusters...
until harold wandered in and instantly cockblocked an entire room.

words, words, words.
fuck it. just look at the sweet picture.

a wall of kaws and at least 23 flavors of rangeas? damn dude.
save some for the rest of us. i kid, i kid.

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