Monday, June 28, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


lack of posts can be attributed to me watching way too much world cup.
...i haven't been murdered.

red card on you. for being a dick.

sweet photo from stefan

Monday, June 21, 2010

roll call.

2010 3AA pack WWRp nom de plume and the dirty deeds 12

noir de plume was the leader of the dirty deeds crew...
so maybe this was taken on the day that nom joined up?
more likely it's just laundry day.

let's all thank mr. cris rose for the incredible picture.

edit: check the comments for nom schooling

Friday, June 18, 2010

don't eat things you find in the forest.

what the hell are you doing here reading this? do you realize that there are world cup games on? you do? alright cool, 2 minutes here and then you go watch, deal?

got a glimpse of an in progress figure from paul kaiju. (working in collab with monstrehero cliff) some wicked little woodland monsters. boxer fungus and three creepy trees. they're looking pretty slick in their naked form. can't wait to see them taken to the psychedelic level with one of paul's colorful paintjobs.

this is what mario really looks like on shrooms.
give this man a wrench and watch him smash turtles...

aww, he named one after me.

the overload looking dude is pollen kaiser.
needs more spikes on that helmet.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

shark shark attack.

well that's the end of jaws. he was either attacked by another shark man, or fell into an industrial garbage disposal, or was ambushed by a band of chipmunks with katanas, or doesn't know how to use nail clippers, or fell in love with a weed whip, or swam less than 30 minutes after eating, or... i could do this all day.

motorbot has put the finishing touches on his custom coarsetoys pain jaws and it's ridiculous. he tore this guy to shreds; buckets of blood, teeth marks, eye gouge, bruises, shredded skin, exposed bones. i don't think this was a fair fight. he's truly in pain now, although the glare stays stoic.

he's all out of hello kitty band-aids...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the big red machine.

had to give you an update from crestone's earlier prototype. big red is all painted up and looking anxious for a firefight. who wants their face blasted? with his choice of weaponry, he's almost like a robot deadpool.

pretty sure if you scan that barcode on his crotch
it'll ring up "balls of steel, $39.99"

how 'bout suck on this?...

...oh that's much better.
he's got a way with words.


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