Monday, February 1, 2010

puff the magic dragon, died by the sea.

the warrior awoke 'neath the glow of mount gorgallath. the lava flow warmed his armor and cauterized his wounds. his battle was not yet complete; and today would be long. but his wrath was longer. one skull already protected his own, and showed to the world that he was a draillian slayer. by nightfall he would have two more to adorn the walls of his garrison. he sheathed his fabled sword and the hunt was on. somewhere in the distance an electric guitar wailed.

following in the footsteps of his creation, f+ displayed a lot of bravery being one of the first to customize a coarsetoys jaws. a fair share of paws have been sacrificed for the cause, but rebirthing a jaws is on another level. the pressure guided him well, because the results are spectacular.

possessed entrails for breakfast give your eyes
just the right amount of demonic glow.

the armored mask attaches with magnets in the ears... brilliant.
never go into battle without a breatheright strip.
or you know... you won't be able to kill shit.

you should see his finishing move.

and he's rockin the original steel shell toes.
the kind perfect for slashing spinal cords.

f+ has been quite impressive of late. his order of the arcane show at red hot robot in november really opened a few eyes as to what he's capable of. which is why we are now treated to mind-bending pieces like the slayer. i'm sure there are quite a few eyes peeled for what's next from the plus. a lot of the arcane pieces are still available in his shop, although i doubt they'll stay there long. and if you're really interested, he's mentioned he's open to more commissions...

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