Monday, February 8, 2010

artist spotlight: [ scribe ]

scribe's an insanely talented graff artist from barbeque town. (kc) the cartoon mind explosion of his work is just nonstop. every inch is blasted with character, emotion and life. stepping inside this man's imagination must be like riding on the tilt-a-whirl until you puke, and then eating a shitload of cotton candy.

one of his latest carnival attractions is what really caught my eye. johnny booker the munny cop is just a brilliantly done character. the fluffy mustache, unbuttoned shirt, the gnawed on cigar and that crunchy donut just work. he's equal parts strung-out and tough as nails.

he must buy eyedrops by the case.
look at that corneal shine.

5 bucks says my mop smells better than his stache.

stitch gets superfied.
drunk on cheese wine and ready to rumble.
who let red sauce here off his chain? dumb.

ledbetter smashed
our national bird lost his legs in a brutal fight.
but you should see the economy...

horselington gets rhinoed
tell me you don't love a grimacing sword.

since the man started with billion color walls,
i thought it important that you get a taste.
wild hare phil.
the deadliest and only hamster assasin.

i didn't know lemmy made honey.

available for parties...
bunny ass blasters.

have you guys heard the new animal collective?
...change your life. i swear. no really. where you going? guys?

ahhh, puberty.

you can keep up with some of scribe's work on his infrequently updated site here. and on his more frequently updated site here. but don't bother trying to catch em all. he's basically a machine. pay your two tickets, sit back and enjoy the ride.

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