Wednesday, March 31, 2010

dismantle you brick by brick.

something a little different today: legos. they're these little plastic bricks with nubs on them that fit together without the magic of glue! vinyl addicts step back, this is pure ABS plastic baby. only the good stuff. these bricks can be formed into tens, maybe even hundreds of different combinations. and if you're lucky, your combination will look like something.

these are all the work of angus maclane [cubedude]. he's created hundreds of different characters from things that you probably like. i'd seen one or two before, but i'd never gone in head first. this man is amazing. and he has excellent taste of subject matter. check out his flickr stream, you will not be disappointed.

wwr has breached your living room.

luke might have joined special ed squadron.
peanut butter-five checking in...

the cube abides.

by the power of midget legs!

i love you saturday morning.

in addition to being good with his bricks, angus works for a tiny animation company called pixar, lucky bastard. he's interviewed here by the brothers brick. angus, you get a gold star because you rock.

thanks to toysrevil for the tipoff about the berties

Friday, March 26, 2010

the retail wars get serious.

the dropcloth divisions are dangerously close to invading. peaceday will be the first out of the gate, closely followed by the bambaland packs, then as per the formula, the retail exclusives. and the retail exclusives are incredible. 5 evil and eviler warriors with a variety of killing skills, displayed below for your excitement. [ note: none of these guys has their decals yet, so they will look even more awesome in finished form. ]

deimos liberator |:|
"deimos dropcloth was a key player in liberating the main deimos relay station for mars, deimos is very important as a communications hub for mars. earth forces had held it for 23 days following a takeover with a crack team of commando dropcloths and troops... think custer's last stand, but he won..."

deimos would be happy to liberate your head from your body.

commando uncle 5 |:|
say it! say uncle!

slim red |:|
red like borscht. and ruptured kidneys.

panda shocktrooper |:|
"iron panda shock trooper clean up after a heavy shelling by large martin, all from iron panda division"
cuddly like a tin can full of nails.

slaughterhouse |:| the bastard butcher
"created to be an urban legend to spook the earth faction soldiers... and kill em. they rest during the daylight, as their light sensors pick up the fleeting light, they crawl from their hiding spots, tapping on windows, killing pets, and wholesale slaughter of towns etc. the euro bramble project has been very effective against these bastards in europe, and now many other countries are deploying units just to hunt and destroy these dropcloth as they rest... kinda like vampires. slaughterhouse is the worst, no restraints."
here kitty kitty...

sooo much fabulousity. i really can't decide which one i like best. slaughterhouse clearly has the it factor with the meat cleavers... slim red's a commie... deimos has the grease gun and seattle supersonics camo... panda is tougher than bamboo... and uncle is all steely with the blaster cap head. want.

timing is still tentative, but my guess is sometime in april. ash has said that all retailers will get them, so i don't think there are store specifics. just keep your eyes open and use the time to figure out which ones you will be adopting.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the teens in spring fall mainly for the fling.

here's something for ya. grab a duffle bag, fill it with tanktops and head to chicago to meet hello, brute in two weeks. jon has got a solo show starting up at rotofugi on the 9th of april. it's called teen dream, and you should be there because it will be awesome. he's promised paintings and drawings in addition to his wicked resin residents.

bonus points for anyone that draws an anchor on their chest with sharpie.

and because you can't have a proper solo show without some crazy new shit... jon is collaborating with felt mistress on some killer new plush of his characters. i must say, these look pretty incredible. they're like hip muppets... ummm, hippets?

just hanging out behind the 7-11, shooting up yarn.

aaaannd apparently yarn possession carries a 5 year sentence.

the latest released toy: pepper. he's 9"
and maybe it's just a weird shadow...
but pepper looks like he's packing some heat in those day glos
he's gonna need a meat cleaver to shave hairs that thick.

another 9 incher in the works...
prep-school love has some huge potential.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the losers revolt.

what the shit?
jaws: tigerbeat edition.

someone's been pocketing highlighters from the office again...

these are not fake. coarsetoys is set to release their loser edition of jaws on friday. two versions: the pink shark (blush) is limited to 50 pieces and the white is limited to 100. pink is friends and family only and comes with a signed print. white comes with a f&f code card. both are the same price: HK$2300. both come with the same swim trunks i had in 1990. but i suppose the neons are in again.

i actually really like the white-hatted chap. and the pink has it's own merits. however, i think coarse stretched themselves a little thin with the colorways on jaws. i understand the business involved, but it seems like the pixie version maybe could've been eliminated. perhaps give them the exclusive on the pink version of loser instead. not that it really matters as i'm sure these will be gone in seconds. you can read up on the full details here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

more leakage.

evil needs no camouflage.

the sludge demon has awoken. the first wave is bursting at the gates and ready to invade. it's lottery only [strictly one entry per person] and only for one day. and that day is today. roughly 12.5 hours left before your chance is gone. so get on it.

[$55 + $6 shipping (US) or $12 (not US)]
enter at your own risk to :
you will be contacted within a week if you are a chosen one.

Friday, March 19, 2010

the soup is sentient.

1000 years after the rise and fall of the zombie apocalypse/empire,
the robots will win. and when they've raped the earth of all its raw ore, scrap metal will become the most valuable substance on the planet. dumps and junkyards turned into the palaces of entrepreneurial warlords. and those warlords will need warriors, lest they have nothing to lord over.

which leads me to sentient soup cans. a deutsche 3A legionnaire, muffinman released his custom bramble earlier this week and blew everyone's socks off. he's an inch or so taller than your standard issue [to gain truer can proportions]. a beautifully raw paintjob over perfect decals and a few choice tweaks make a potentially fringe concept absolutely spot on.

what's the soup du jour?
it's napalm.
mmm. that sounds good. i'll have that.

sorry, it's actually goulash...
flammable goulash though right?
of course.

contents under pressure might just kick your ass.

only the hardcore get their head tattooed with crossbones.
[silverware counts as bones when you're made of metal]

Thursday, March 18, 2010

visceral leakage.

busy week at work for me, means slow week in the land of frost. but these could not go unmentioned. coolvader just destroyed these two customs. ripped their skin from their bones and exposed the delicate inside bits. i love seeing the adapted anatomy of an imaginary beast, especially when it's done in such an intricate and beautiful way like this. coolvader's always rock. i dub thee, the doctor of dissection.

dissected king ken
half skinned, but the most disturbing part is that thumb...
what the hell kind of joint is that?

he was learning to teleport, one organ at a time.
too bad the power went out halfway through the skin.

mega mega munny
those definitely aren't quads. i guess munnys have octs...

it's the supremest of delicacies to eat the tentacled monster
who has just skinned you alive.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the woebots are assimilating.

you remember this guy? of course you do. he made you ruin your computer chair when i showed you the teaser in november. well he's close. close enough to get a whiff of his bear resin musk. aaron said he's dropping in a few weeks. so be ready.

those omega-3s will get you jacked.
...but maybe only in the forearms.

fresher, shinier, crownier proto shots.
a king is no king without subjects to rule over...
hint hint aaron.

proof of life.
his kidnappers will pay.

:: two for tuesday ::

so maybe i'm a reh-tard (actually there's a high probability)
but i hadn't watched any episodes of vinyl addition until now.
and while watching episode 1, i kept asking myself a question...

why is nobody talking about
the woebots possessed production fig?

i have not seen one mention anywhere that this was legit and happening.
that first episode was 1 year ago! has it since been cancelled?
what the hell people? he's been on display at munky king!

look at this thing... he's fucking cool as shit.
[images captured from the episode below]

you will be mine.

for any of you that are as behind as me... here's the clip.

so there you go. two crazy ass woebots pieces in one day. are you not impressed? you should be, because they rule. and if anyone has any more info about the possessed... please pass it my way.

until then. i'll be scouring munky king, vinyl addiction, silent stage and army of snipers for the latest.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

do your part.

the moot! the moot! the moot is on fiyah! we don't need no wate... actually the water looks pretty fucking badass. aquamarine with touches of deep blue, all over a gid core. looks like this muscamoot has been playing in some toxic mud; get him near the light and watch him glow.

wouldn't he look fetching in a little butler outfit?

we have to assume he's a brilliant swimmer,
cause he's not running away from shit with those choad legs.

do your part! help clean up our waterways. get these beautiful little poisonous bastards out of the bay and onto your shelves. he's gonna be a great companion to his seaweed brother on my desk. i love the way the paint highlights his mottled skin on the back of his head, gorgeous.

the fishing begins tomorrow at noon in store at rotofugi and at 2pm online. (i assume that's chicago time) get to it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a lovely hoth vacation.

i have no idea how i missed something as incredible as this, but i did. created by toybot studios, it's a custom musyubel turned serene hoth wampa. it was part of the kaijin show at kaiju blue last year.
[here's their english blog.]

partnered with a sparkly luke, a purple tauntaun and a mini parasitic blobpus, this is one beautifully dreamy piece.

one rabid rebel for sale!
makes a great dinner! has a real stingy stick!
please take him before i lose more limbs...
no? guess i'll toss him on craigslist.

step right up. two tickets to malkovich this big fucker...
ok, one ticket... and the rest of your elephant ear.

getting so sleepy.
must stop spaghetti from leaking out of arm.

also part of the show was this gorgeous bastard from skull toys.
caught red-handed. eyes a little dilated.

the mexican penguin.

in a black and white brawl for the ages, the penguin wrestled el panda, and won. based on the muttpop figure, avatar666 built quite a striking villain. he looks like a legit batman adversary now. excellent paintjob and sculpt, you just drilled the expression.

i've pulled 11 rabbits out of this hat...
all of them delicious.

sorry dudes, the creepy head tilt doesn't work synchronized.
nice masks though.

idiot. the ladies never go for the fat guy doing the robot.

Friday, March 5, 2010

i'm a lebowski, you're a lebowski...

the smell of smoke in the air. salt, beer and lane oil on your hands... sounds like a friday. and the dude. and walter. lovingly sculpted over
a pair of munnys by task one. you nailed it.

fuck it dude, let's go bowling.

donny, you're out of your element!
[actually he's in the can]

eight-year-olds dude...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

i'm only hue-man.

when i was a kid, i was obsessed with colors. especially combos of colors. every time a new combo became popular [teal & purple...]
i thought that it was the coolest pairing you could ever have, and that it would always look awesome. clearly that was grade school logic,
but my love for colors never stopped. the same thing happened with neons, even more so when matched with black.

i had a killer skateboard with a neon pirate on the bottom that i thought was the raddest thing ever. too bad i didn't think actually riding it was rad too. nevertheless, neons and the funky ass 80s color combos take me back.

cpassak from gangtoyz gave me a childhood bitchslap this morning when i stumbled on to his wicked creations. electric blue skin, gnarly teeth and exposed skeletons... somebody find my checkerboard vans... where's my hang ten gear? the frenchman has some serious talent and he's clearly not afraid to use it. if i ever make it back to france, you're getting a high-five.

this is a plush from awesometown.
michael jackson moves and a pink loafer.
he must be in the mob.

i'm gonna go play some battletoads and eat a box of fruit snacks.

mr. t! i want the rest of the a-team here now...
so they can build me a bmx jump out of bricks and plywood.
and i can then break my face.

i thought we were knee deep in my childhood...
sprinkle a little g.i. joe on top...
and now we can't even touch the bottom.
i always wanted to grow up to be snake eyes. for real.

bonus time:
you can purchase a lot of these guys for your very own.
itableau has them for sale.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

be at peace with your demons.

mutant vinyl hardcore might sound like a biker/fetish/snuff film, but it's not. it's better. mvh is the company created by lash, [the kaiju killer] and he's getting dangerously close to releasing his first piece of japanese vinyl, the sludge demon. and it looks sick; like a rampaging toxic buddha.

pretty fucking dynamic sculpt for something shaped like a baseball.

if the plague contracted syphilis,
and then shot up some ebola...

the little guy looks fast too.
probably not fast enough to escape the stank though.

i smell photoshoot at la brea...

i'm just floored by how much movement you feel from this guy. he feels squirmy and boiling like the boar demon in princess mononoke. crazy. lash has also posted some samples of the flake that will infect some of the pulls. i might have to make a little space on a shelf for this one. stay updated at mvh, or tell lash how much you dig it over at skullbrain.


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