Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what is that? lipstick?

oh god... oh god, what is that? it's just so... wrong. wrong because of the shit-eating grin. wrong because of the lloyd christmas haircut. wrong because of the antlers. the glasses. the little peg ears. the fleshy-hoofed body. wrong because of the wang-ness. so, so, so wrong, and yet kind of right. it's lesley.

lesley is german. he's also a one-of-a-kind hand-painted resin monstrosity. eleven inches of... height, and one or two of something else. he's admittedly stomach churning, but somehow pretty damn awesome. sculpted and painted by andy of denada, lesley is for sale on their site for $535.

who wants to ride lesley in the 7-legged race?
nobody? come on...
it's not bad, he moisturizes.

dear lord, think of the extra creep factor of braces and headgear.
a champion's a champion. hard to argue there.

you gave him tiny infant balls but no butthole?

so tell me you aren't just a little intrigued now. how sweet would it be to have a lesley and a squire side-by-side in your guest room to wake your grandparents next thanksgiving. or just in the middle of the living room to freak the fuck out of your dog. think of the possibilities!

squire image from NOWhere gallery
tell me that's not a match made in heaven...

a special thank you to andy for making my tuesday special.

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