Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the legion grows.

in less than 2 months on the ground, the bambabosses are taking over. the 3A legion has responded quickly and decisively to bring this brute to life. there is some serious talent floating around bambaland. in case you didn't know, the bosses shipped totally white...

the nearly pantone-free getup is sharp as shit.

even a boss needs some sweet kicks.

toystarr [ game of death x kill bambaboss ]
simple and classic. the zomb boot print sealed it for me.

when charlie brown's go bad.

boneface [ bloody dirty deeds bamba ]
totally raw and insane. the true colors shine through.

semi-possessed eyeballs and a blood-soaked chin? prime.

expathos [ big red boss ]
so cute. until they burn your house down.


nwo [ inverted ]
killer panda brings no happiness, only pain.

the dirty duo.

these are some of the best, but more are posted everyday
at 3A toys and at the 3A outpost

Monday, September 28, 2009

day-glo injection.

[ file this under: things i wish were mine ]

if jalos had been around when i was 7, he probably would have made my head explode. day-glo perfection/tigers/skulls/zombie lettering, all rolled into an execution so clean it looks like it was done with superlasers. i would've paid big money for a set of folders designed by this guy... or a backpack, or a skateboard. pop in an mc hammer tape and we're in business.
f.u.c.k. yeah.

skullbird will destroy your shit.

jalos is from spain. check out his other magic action here.
so fresh and so clean. i'm amazed he hasn't exploded yet.

Friday, September 25, 2009

large. heavy. and hardcore.

i can't and don't and won't blog every one of ashley wood's new releases. despite the fact that every single one is worth my time and effort. i would have to give up all other coverage to really take you into his world. and you'll get sucked in all on your own, you don't need my help for that. in less than a year and a half threeA has released: 4 berties, les mort, 5 de plumes, 4 brambles, 10 tomorrow kings, 6 large martins, 10 wwrp brambles, 4 bambabosses, 13 squares, 3 armstrongs and 3 zombies. with more releases scheduled every month. insanity. they are just completely dominating. the latest death dealer to drop was desert large martin. in my opinion the best lm yet... a giant hardcore skull tattooed to his chest and a bitchin sandy paint job make him straight lethal.
if he smiles, you're dead.

and if you regain consciousness and this is the first thing you see? your muffled screams will shortly be silenced. there's nothing large likes more than popping skulls like grapes.

heavy tk
droppin in next week.
thook. thook. the twins are here.
don't bother running. they don't need the practice.

hk venture is going to rule.
5 men and their creations on display for a week in hong kong.
what i wouldn't give to see some of ash and jeremy's work up close.

and exclusive toys? from that list can only mean good things.
i'm crossing my fingers for a peek at the cosmonaut who will be mine.
sea monkey x snow pea, the ash and kenny wong combo is also a possibility. or the mechs from united planet.

if you don't know kenny wong. he makes sweet things like this.
copperhead-18. no stranger to the deep.

and a little taste of the cosmonaut. which i covered.

keep it glued here for updates on all the amazing shit threeA is doing.

copperhead-18 pic from icecoolbeer

welcome to blamoville.

after making their millions with the pogo-ball and skip-it, blamo has moved on to bigger and better things. the three-headed monster of spencer, komang and mikie are anxiously awaiting the launch of their new website/line/wood and leather empire. they've got quite a bit already flowing for such a new group. two woods, two leathers and a resin will headline their october 1st coming out party. everything is handmade which is a good place to start.

billy with a ghost of his former self
hank williams never could stay away from the bunnies.

the groupie guitar smasher.

adopting the casual stance of a creepy uncle.

harold and ted
like an old married couple... that's conjoined.

older blamos. three-headed creatures.
a little bit biker bar, a little bit ziggy stardust.
bowie would be proud either way.

let's wish them all luck shall we?
go have a drink in blamoville. it's a friendly lot.

oh, and check out the cat vomit tee in the store. it's fantastic.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

we three two kings.

Ben and Liam Scriven are 2PetalRose.
they may sound like a punk band from an irvine welsh novel but they're actually just two cool dudes making badass toys. highly trained killers of all disciplines come swarming out of their workshop. gorillas, gas masks and samurai swords are all quite natural in their resin boot camp. their first releases, the kombat kings, have been praised for their exceptional quality, level of detail and original design. despite being busy with two big new releases, they were kind enough to take the time to be the first exclusive interview of the land of frost.

10 questions with liam.

mastodon | who is 2petalrose and where did the name come from?
liam | It's an "ode to" our Mum.

mastodon | at actual size, could an unarmed kombat king
take a toddler in a fight?
liam | I reckon at actual size a Kombat King would struggle
with a toddler... they're so fierce.

mastodon| a fat toddler?
liam| No way!

mastodon | what is your favorite piece you own that you didn't create?
liam | I have a set of Sam and Twitch (McFarlane) from the classic
covers series... they're proper good.

mastodon | beans on toast?
liam | with cheese in a sandwich... oh go on then.

mastodon | do you work little bits at a time or go on crazy
casting/painting/sculpting benders?
liam | Depends on the release, if we have a certain number to do
for a release, we'll cast them all out then paint...
one offs and commissions will usually be done 1 at a time,
but like any other addiction, you can get carried away for sure.

mastodon | Ben, Liam... bare knuckles, one round, who wins?
liam | Is he like Bear Grylls? If he is, we would win.

mastodon | how many years until the kombat kings feature film?
liam | Could be a while, but a game might be sooner.

mastodon | what do you do when you aren't making toys?
liam | Making music, we've been in bands for years
so that passes the time nicely

mastodon | give us two cryptic words about your next big project.
liam | Big. Kings.

an army of bruce.
24 silent assassins.

BLK - Bruce Lee King
releasing this sunday at 10 am gmt
buy them here.

game of death
both versions hand painted by Sick8oy:Custom
this one in exploded liver yellow.

enter the dragon
bloody scars or sweet yellow onitsukas?... the eternal question.

and dropping a little more kung-fu grip
is the release of samurai king on october 16th
first pre-order is already gone.
get your clicky fingers ready to get ahold of one of the next 20.

if this is your first 2petal experience, you might need some time to get off the floor. it's a lot to take in all at once.

what you need to do is go here because this shit is blowing up.
big kings. ninja warriors. video games?
congrats boys and many thanks for the interview.
can't wait to see where the next year takes you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

severed limbs.

the jaw-droppingly awesome jaws pain.
dropping next month in two flavors: busted lip and skull fracture.

busted lip
aka: signature edition gets the paper box and a ? for run size.

skull fracture
aka: hkg edition gets the deluxe wooden tooth box and a signed silkscreen print in an edition of 100.

er buddies.
did the shark spear him in the heart too? brutal.

it's just a flesh wound.

that's not a knife... this is a knife.

either brutalized bastard would sit nicely next to brother flake.

while we're pairing up... another nice combo. chopper / roto jaws
care for a cup of green blood?

skull fracture, you might have to come rehab with me.

jaws pain images from coarse.
pain image from icemarmott. chopper/roto image from chronic10.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

artist spotlight: [ konako ]

konako lives deep in the forests of canada. or at least i assume she does.a strong woodland connection, brilliant natural palettes and a blast of asian mysticism place her firmly in her own enchanted meadow. consider it hidden because so few beautiful critters have escaped. if you are one of the lucky few who owns one, consider following your little critter some night to discover the secret location. you know foxes are fond of midnight rendezvous.

hidden bunny monster burp
this one smells like caramel corn.

mr. miles "tails" prower has grown up to be quite the gentleman.

one-eyed blix
deceptively simple. with unmatched thieving skills.

gut bunnies still like to snuggle with regular bunnies.

9th level roark
ice fucking cold.

madl shisa
mad stoned on this magic green smoke.

bunny mushroom awesome overload.

even raccoons need sweet back tats.
love that it bleeds around to the front.

obesity magnate colonel sanders
suffered from the extremely rare bunnemia.

gorgeous inspiring work. can't wait to see what's next to escape.
let's all give her a round of applause.

you can send konako messages by sparrow here and here.


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