Monday, August 31, 2009

artist spotlight: [ leecifer ]

leecifer must be a robot, or an insomniac. or maybe just has a basement full of chimps with paintbrushes. the amount of quality work this man produces is seriously impressive. known for his scratchy colorful characters, he adds an impressive amount of depth to even the largest desolate plain of vinyl.

none of his pieces ever feel like a pattern plastered over the next face in line. they are all quite comfortable in their second skin. many transcending their original lot in life to join the ranks of figures with a story to tell, or at least a badass paint job.

i got one magic brew left. let's get down to business.

just a dirty musky koi from the bottom of the lake.
i dub thee, gilly.

the rebel secret base has skull bee yoda for protection.
not as cuddly am i, eh?
[must be done in yoda voice]

for the super7 anniversary lucky bags, leec whipped out
a killer series of galactic mummy boys. i love the gilded nubs.

boba the destroyer
yar. he blasted off me blaster hand.

community outreach trooper with child friendly helmet.
got a couple of right guard power crystals in your pit bud.

darth mauled.
auditioning for broadway.

it's disneyland wookie drew.
who doesn't want a little bacca puppy?

c-3po's golden years...
...when he starts hanging out with bender and pounding brewskis.

just a little red skull dokuwashi.
arbeit macht eine bitchin paint job.

oompa blasted sunguts caveman.
so that's what they grow up to be.
wonka ran a child labor sweat shop.

salari ika loungin'
"come fly with me, and watch me eat your brain..."

born under a good sign...
for kickin ass.

gosho's been franken berried.
strawberry steampunk is delicious.

poppa squirm was who really ate the smurfs.
i smurfing smurfed the smurf outta that smurf.

dcto with severe frostbite.
giving the soul-freezing doe eyes.

sabertooth snow dunny is always welcome in the land of frost.
although that tartar is nothing to laugh about.

super superheroes.
here to save your ass and terrify your children.

chorus line.
charlie brown and the great pumpkin finally found their calling.

i never realized that nearly every one of leecifer's customs is looking up. really, look for yourself. except for the albino snow dunny...
he stares right into your frigid heart.

keep bringing it lee, it's nice to have a man with a plan in the game.
if you want to get your hands on one of his little treasures, tell him.
and if you want to see all of his other work, go here.

all pics from the man himself.

the birth of a monster.

[ resin tastes good ]

mr. chris ryniak was kind enough to show how
a kickass piece of resin comes to life.

the podlings are squirming.

don't call them brussel sprouts...

a smelly bouquet.

still rather possessed looking.


both adorable and slightly unsettling. this little guy is almost 7" tall,
has 40 identical siblings and can be yours for $85. provided you make it to dragon*con in atlanta.

all are sculpted and handpainted by chris himself.

forced vacation.

[ resin tastes good ]
little is known about the mysterious vader on vacation...
posted by abell. he says it's a soon to be released
diy from viceroytoys.
so new even the internet doesn't know who they are.

either way it's awesome.
why does he have mittens?

Friday, August 28, 2009

by the power of greyskull.

i was a he-man kid. i was also a star wars kid, a lego kid, a baseball card kid... you get the picture. but for a few short summers it was all he-man all the time. in between popsicles my neighbors and i would wage epic battles in the dirt, building caverns and pits. then birthdays came and they got greyskull. and i was jealous. but shortly after, my parents redeemed themselves and bought me skeletor's castle: snake mountain. you know, the purple greyskull with the sweet microphone that made it sound like you were a possessed slinky. after that, our dirt building escapades were elevated to moats and dungeons... way fucking cooler.

so with that long ass intro, we get to the real meat. apparently other kids liked he-man too... as evidenced by these sweet customs in all the flavors of eternia.

the pageboy haircut is the real source of all his power.

battlecat by legendary customs
...just a cowardly tiger who stole hawkman's mask.

does crest make whitestrips for your face?
also, needs more havoc staff.

blue feather diaper and all...

somehow tougher with a birthday hat than his purple football helmet...

who knew he was rocking a mohawk under his little hood?

gotta rub a little stank on it.

put your hands together for my childhood toys grown into my adulthood toys. i fully expect someone to pump out a queen marlena in astronaut gear sometime soon... or at least an orko.

i gotta go dig through my parents basement now...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

artist spotlight: [ jon paul kaiser ]

some say he drifted ashore from the black freighter...
some say he's part squid...
some say he uses experimental nano robots to sharpen up his lines...
i say he's come to us from the second dimension to remind us why
we have three.

jonpaulkaiser is master of his inky domain. the great light absorber and the great light reflector are his weapons against nothingness.
razor sharp and visually gripping, his customs are as immediately attention-snapping as a legion of stormtroopers marching into town.

a monster burp with emphasis on monster
that's the smell of paint melting off the walls.

even more frightening post-burp.

a cuddly boba? impossibly possible.

das mo gimo
samuraaaiiiiii pepper grinder!

yar. has anybody got an extra nipple?

gratuitous monkey. gratuitous monkey. gratuitous monkey.

the spawn of the beast.

the virus is spreading.

ganesh crush car.

look at those abs! p90x?

wait. is that a color?
no possible way.

and the ringers...
a no bullshit sumo. and a badass rasputin.
so hardcore.

very few artists can put that much emotion into a static face,
but jon paul seems to do it every time. a little gritty, a little crisp, it's immediately apparent who's work you're looking at. there is no mistaking his style. well done sir. you've got it.

for updates: follow him : read him : watch him

all pics from jpk except sumo/rasputin. that's from gmiddleswarth.
better keep close eyes on that one... someone might snake it off your desk. ha.

Monday, August 24, 2009

of the crop.

a store?

that sells adidas?

das ist eine blurry Mark.

a store that sells adidas that also digs coarse?

really really digs coarse?

holy shit.
a coarse store not in hong kong!

actually it's in deutschland. ass.

lucky germans.

enjoy your badass store full of magic and wonder.

i'll be sitting here waiting for the easter bunny to bring one to detroit.

saint cream just opened.


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