Monday, November 30, 2009

ape ween.

monstrehero smash! the mysterious apes are loose and ready to rip off some fucking heads. including their own. i love the color choices and the gnarled up clobbering hand. meet your doom gorilla haters.

he's got anger issues because his nipples are too close together.

don't eat pens kids.

warpaint only on the schlong.
would be intimidating.

if you hurry you can pick up one of these 7" monsters.
i hope this is a long-running mold.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

way down under.

the teeth bones connect to the murder bones.

part velociraptor, part kangaroo, part down-syndrome baby, this yoka is clearly from another plane. brent nolasco is the mad genius behind it, surprise surprise. an incredible transformation from a cute dumpy bear to a lithe savage demon.

eats only spinal cords and achilles tendons.
that's why he's got those jumping legs.

painted with the blood of keebler elves.

this is why you always check your shoes when hiking.

this mean little bastard was on display at dcon this last weekend.
i wonder who the lucky new owner is. too bad it's not me.

Friday, November 20, 2009

grinding gears.

cris rose is unstoppable. from his aquatic lair, he continues to one-up himself with more advanced and fantastical creatures. his style and technique continue to expand and refine, and it's brilliant to watch.
i can't keep up.

that little mouth will bore right through you...
like a piranha through pâté.


chocolatey smooth with a creamy brain center.
so what if he's a little slow.

[deep forest] wwrp bramble [monty the lumberjack]
i'd be a lumberjack if a gatling gun was standard. damn.

paul bunyan couldn't hold a candle to monty.
although they do both love flapjacks.

if these don't get you excited, then you have no eyes. be sure to click all of their names for their wonderfully elaborate stories. i'm itching to see what cris does with the pallet of full-size armstrongs he's got burning a hole on his workbench. stay tuned.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

triple dutch.

dutch master of awesome, collin van der sluijs is rocking the canals with his incredible painterly customs. these are not your normal quickie jobs. incredible depth and color with multiple story lines gracing every inch. i'm blown away. plus he picks excellent canvases.

sug surrealism
this is the cat who keeps leaving hairs in my mouth while i sleep.
creepy little bastard.


knuckle bear
cloudy with a chance of delusions.

darth vader
lord vader's an avatar?

i want to get lost in these little wonderlands. who wants to go to amsterdam? stop in a cafe, maybe check out his other amazing pieces like this...

rockets, risk board, hotdogs, robots and fucking tanks?
fijne verjaardag!

collin's flickr of fun.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sug you in the mouth.

the sug. from unkl. the reason i'm now completely enraptured in the world of vinyl. one look from his beady little eyes and i was in.
a green h60 sug and ulligus were my first big purchase, and now i have seven more. derek and jason got it right, as he is still one of my favorites. there have been 14 production sugs so far. [counting the diy] all of which you can see above.

A53: primer ed. 250?
B54: gunmetal ed. 250?
C55: camo ed. 250?
D56: red ed. 300
E57: black ed. 300
F58: search & rescue [orange] ed. 250
G59: urban recovery [yellow] ed. 40
defcon: 1 [green] ed. 50?
defcon: 2 [brown] ed. 250
defcon: 3 [purple] ed. 250
h60: green ed. 350
h60: blue ed. 150
dc x unkl [white:gid] ed. 450
diy [blank] ed. 20?

if any of these numbers is incorrect, please let me know.
there is very little compiled info about all the releases.

it's hard not to fall in love with one. which is why quite a few custom sugs have been released into the wild. i own one myself. these are a few lonely souls from around the world.

the dear earthling sugonaut
the first icelandic person in space. besides bjork.

booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere.

chromed [for real]
owned by jeromeoutland
the flight of the navigator still lives!

why do you wear that stupid bic man suit?

finally, a transformer i can get excited about.

lucky for you, sugs are still available. blue h60 plus ulligus. green h60 plus ulligus. defcon brown. defcon purple. it's your chance to own one of the legends. or create your own.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bear fury.

deep breath... angry woebots [aaron martin] is set to release his first original resin figure. and it looks kill-er. i seem to have a thing for bears, and his just have an incredible amount of fury and emotion. standing a healthy 8" or so and about the same forearm to forearm, he's one mean dude. brought to life by silent stage, his name is panda king. and i'm excited. there will only be about 60 pieces, hand-painted by the man himself, in their own wooden box with matching print.
a regal glare on the popeye workout program.

polar underneath, but panda through and through.


the next image you are about to see did not come from aaron.
i created it in photoshop to get an idea of how his style might translate to the new shape. it may look completely different from this in final form, but i'm impatient. that being said...
how fucking cool is this?

you can't tease a new woebots piece without really showing the insanity of his previous work. a style that's instantly recognizable with an entire civilization of pandas from every corner of the emotional spectrum. he's got an amazing talent, and therefore, a rabid following.

two psychos that know how to throw their weight around.
plus brass knuckles? winner.

nipped from house of law.
we're gonna need two dysons to clean up all the flying fur.

larry. moe. and crazy.

ripped from the hands of wtfunks?
just your standard angry woebots mind-bogglingly awesome piece.

katana. a squad of snarling killers. AND dripping blood.
you starting to understand the pure distilled awesomeness?

the collection of sleepboy
possessed by the devil panda.
one of my favorite combos ever.

another lucky bastard, rasta.
bask in the glow of the golden god.

collected by contra808
you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

for you lucky few at designercon on saturday, you should at least be able to peek the sculpt. for all you other jealous bastards: do some pushups, communicate with your spirit animal [especially if it's a bear], fashion ninja weapons out of scrap metal... anything to keep your mind off of the fury you will feel if you miss this guy.

eyes. peeled.

follow angry woebots on flickr.

proto shots from vinyl pulse. all other unmarked shots from aaron.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

deadly children.

when i was about 5 my dad started traveling to germany for work. almost every trip he would bring my sister and i some sort of playmobil set, which we loved. they were simple without being childish and they always had sweet accessories and vehicles. being an awesome 5-year old, i called them germany toys. now that i'm 5.5 times older, i might have to start calling them singaporean toys. all because of one man.

daniel yu has destroyed my playmobil world. he's created the most badass playmobilers on the planet. allow me to present the de plumes. nom, noir, and blanc. straight out of ashley wood's wwr, these guys are no joke. just a little epoxy sculpt is all it took to go from plastic civilian to killing machine. this is what my 5-year old self would've traded ALL my g.i.joes for, and that's a impressive.
trois de plume. too cool for two sleeves.

the eye of the liger. deadly.

you see the mask, you're already dead.
and other de plumes are no exception.

the triple coffin should've been the undertaker's finishing move.

dirty deeds done not cheap.

even in 6 pieces, they could still kill you before walked in the room.

killer shot by that old serpent
this film was found next to the bodies of 47 ninjas.

three inches of playmobil customizawesome. incredible sculpting ability and a killer sense of what's cool. thank you daniel yu. you fucking rock. these aren't the only incredible little guys that he's made. you can see all his others on his blog and flickr.

piles of munny.

clockwise: jesse smithandrew bellcoolvaderangry woebotsdephtim tsuidoktor akevin gosselinkronkamanda visell
you've already seen tristan eatons

if you happen to have a spare grand (or four!) lying around then you absolutely owe it to yourself to check out the superstar customs of munnyworld 2009. it's a mega munny paradise. they are only on sale for today. so cash in your 401k and pick up some 18" friends.

spend piles of munny at the kidrobot store

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

mind explosion.


on sunday, blamo toys had their first custom show at million fishes gallery in san fran. billy was the dissectee. cut up, burned and painted in over 25 attempts to bring him to life. the collective of talent was top notch and the results speak for themselves. if you live in the wonderful city you have one more chance to see the show: friday the 13th. but bring cash as protection, they might actually spring to life and strip your bones trying to escape.
seven billys and two humans, all in the hold-in-a-fart pose.

giant hands too clumsy to remove helmet.
work ok on feet though.

wind him up and watch the ass-kicking extravaganza.

sears keeps about a 1000 pajama rabbits on hand
to harvest for the holiday season.

this is what college party looks like in the movies.
much more fun and colorful than real life.

bear claw shoes are hardcore.
she might want to work on shaving her legs though...

distended stomach, dilated eyes.
classic case of demonitis.

the forebear of the iron maiden was the splintery rabbit.
true story.

evil trumps polka dots. always.

all of these fantastic shots are courtesy of drilone. he's got a full set of all the madness on flickr. which you have to go check out because i can't cover them all.

the show goes on the road [ just like a real circus ] to designer con in pasadena on the 21st. all remaining billys will be sold on blamo toys. but if you have your eye on one, i would send them an email now so he doesn't escape.


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