Tuesday, October 12, 2010

down boy.

i'd like to live in a world where penguins have dogs; especially mega-huge mechahunds. the brilliant thing about k-9s is their desire to please. now imagine that desire with the strength of an abrams tank and a 50 cal machine gun. suddenly everyone around you becomes obedient.

makadi3000 has, of course, done it again. eagle eye is a killer sidekick to iron penguin. although, i can't quite wrap my head around his bulk through the interwebs. iron penguin is 12" tall... and eagle eye's in a bit of a squat... sooooo, he's like a steel watermelon. maybe one of those square japanese ones. astute eyes will see that he's built on the body of a wwr bramble. but then you will also see that he no longer looks anything like his body donor. this is one sick puppy.

little known fact: eagle eye was born when shaq got food drunk
at an old country buffet and ended up making love to his F650

now you can see why he calls him a dog.
just don't let mega-snoopy drop a deuce in your yard.

crotch cannon!

red! 24 sweep hotdog on 2! hut hut, you're fucked.

children please avert your eyes from the scorched butthole
if you light a match, the entire internet could go up in flames.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

it got ugly.

well that didn't take long. you leave a handful of fish eggs in a bucket of beaver urine on your back porch and the next thing you know the muscamoots are mating. overnight, your entire property is covered with glassy-eyed inbred disease ponies.

holed up in his island laboratory, dr. ryniak has been bending the laws of genetics to create his bitey little scumsuckers. he's pulled out all the stops for his latest show, "this could get ugly" currently at my plastic heart in nyc. i'm completely floored with the character and emotion he's able to cram into these tiny little dudes. (are there lady-moots?) his sculpting skills are just disgustingly good, and of course he's already established himself as a painting machine. seeing his all of his skills come together is just beautiful.

the red-gilled muscatoad subsists solely on calluses and caterpillars.

branching out with scavengers, buff monster minis and a freyja.
and yes, the cute as a button mushroom midge has a cute name.
fungus puppy.

that's not actually his tongue... he bit that off a sleeping hobo.

snybora! the next slinky little bastard is coming...
infections smell sweet. like victory.

tiger hammermoots are known for their airborne attacks.
flying out of the water and latching onto your arm
until you drop your beer in the water. and maybe some funyuns.

the rhino colons have become sentient!
and they want your marshmallows.

the golden boy, muscatang.
operates as chris' right-hand monster,
fetching brushes and drinking old paint water.

if you're lucky enough to live in new york, do yourself the favor of seeing these magical little guys in person. i'm pretty sure they're all sold out because chris' fans are rabid. but that shouldn't stop you from getting a little salmonella on your shoe at the exhibit.

images ripped right from the hands of i heart cool stuff and mphnyc.

Monday, August 30, 2010

this should thaw you out.

GRPHKA has landed on hoth and begun work on an ubersoldier. part at-at driver, part bambaboss... i give you: AT/3A. i don't normally post anybody's in progress work (this guy still needs to be painted) but he was just too fucking cool. lovely detailing that blends the two worlds together brilliantly.

just watch out for mouse droids with tow cables...

oh, and sorry for being a shithead about never posting.
the dude abides.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

samuraaaaaai deli is now open.

friend of frank mysterio: yoste just kicked the shit out of a muttpop tequila. and when the dust settled and the training was complete, he was left with a fire-breathing devil-horned prison-physiqued madman. wicked tattoos that walk the line between yakuza and red dragon, with eerily realistic skin tones for ink that has been slowing spreading through years of abuse. impeccably detailed armor and sword really put this in the elite. i'm just amazed at how perfect it all is.

workin on his sumo stance.
...or maybe dropping a deuce in his hakamas.

dragon for protection, lotus for rebirth and koi for lunch.

for some reason i'm craving spaghettios.

oh, and he's available for sale.

Monday, July 19, 2010

five gees.


you have five thousand dollars to spend. [obviously this is bullshit, but play along] would you invest in a handcrafted, one of ten, 1:3 scale resin accident victim from coarse? possibly. the piece is a nice step forward for mark and sven. everyone loves more blood and bandages right? the prone "pain in dreams" is just one of an emergency room full of maladies from the glimpse of truth show that's currently showing at rotofugi. the guys must have been working nonstop because there is a shit ton of new stuff.

should've never challenged nolte to a screwdriver fight.

this life support diet makes these abs look tiiiiight.

or there's option #2. [yes, the piece above really costs 5000 american dollars]
ricardo de montreuil took $5000 and created an amazing little dystopian short film. he shot for exactly one weekend to create the raven, and now he's in talks with universal to make it a feature.

so what's it gonna be? a kick-ass piece for your shelf? or commission mr. de montreuil to create a sweet five minute movie with you as the ass-kicking star? [pretty sure he'd never do this]

this isn't really a legit question because there are billions of other things you could spend the money on, most of which are less ridiculous than these. but you see my point. hell, if you're gonna get a toy with your money, at least get something huge like a 4ft dissected or an entire platoon of 1:1 squares.

addendum: let's leave the question as a discussion of two wildly disparate endeavors. it was hasty to write off a piece like the one above without thinking about how much intimate work goes into something that complex. when something has that level of finish, it's easy to forget the hands that brought it to be.

Friday, July 16, 2010

don't swallow your gum.

chomp chomp chew squish smush push blow pop chomp chomp chomp spit
...and one more of the uber rare bubblegum muscamoots gets released into the wild. albino eyes and a very scrotum-like dewlap highlight this fine specimen created by kist. just keep him out of the collagen, or he'll be cramming it in his lips faster than a chipmunk on chex mix. i love the direction this chewy little bastard took. he's a proper new addition to the order of muscamoot.

this is what baseball card gum always tasted like.
raw stringy greasy amphibian meat.

his gills are evolved to breathe in bile.
so don't swallow your gum.
or he'll be kicking you a new ulcer for the next 10 years.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

pray to the porcelain god.

it's a bird... it's a plane...

it's fucking badass is what it is.

leaked and congealed from the mind of mr. brent nolasco, "a fond farewell" is a total mindfuck of a creature. with at least eight different vinyl abominations melded together, along with other found objects, this thing has the presence of an alien god from the fourth dimension. it also marks the conclusion of his fusion sculpts. all 3d adventures that brent takes from here on will evolve from his own artwork. which is fine by me, because his art is even more mental and awesome. i can't wait to see what escapes from his studio next.

you can glimpse the perfection yourself at sdcc.
this guy will be roaming the dragatomi booth.

cardboard spaceship will also have some custom brent resins for sale.

Friday, July 9, 2010

a room of one's own.

this is the highly inspirational workspace of the wildly talented cris rose.
looks quite cozy. and it seems we share the same taste. really makes me
want a kickass studio to hide in... just some nice thoughts for a friday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

trudging through the sludge.

the third one with a soundtrack... scroll to the bottom of the post.
hit play on the youtubes and then come back up here for maximum experience.

men are always enthralled by things that are more extreme than themselves. like the ability to lift heavy objects over your head, zero fear in the face of danger and the ability to rock your face off. when you can do all three, you become a god. the madbattleman from mike sutfin is shooting 66.6% (rock). we could almost bump him up to an a+, but lifting heavy things over your head also includes not crushing your skull with those heavy things, especially when they're spiked. the new sculpt, soon to be released by reckless toys at sdcc, is so metal it hurts. production is very limited, which means only a few of you will have the opportunity to awesome up your shelf.

one look at this guy and skeletor would piss himself.
probably why american apparel is always out of purple leggings.

his arsenic flame is perfect for poisonous marshmallows.

creamy white pictures courtesy of toybot studios.
the dude might actually be even more hardcore cast in porcelain.
the solid white is just so crisp.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


lack of posts can be attributed to me watching way too much world cup.
...i haven't been murdered.

red card on you. for being a dick.

sweet photo from stefan

Monday, June 21, 2010

roll call.

2010 3AA pack WWRp nom de plume and the dirty deeds 12

noir de plume was the leader of the dirty deeds crew...
so maybe this was taken on the day that nom joined up?
more likely it's just laundry day.

let's all thank mr. cris rose for the incredible picture.

edit: check the comments for nom schooling

Friday, June 18, 2010

don't eat things you find in the forest.

what the hell are you doing here reading this? do you realize that there are world cup games on? you do? alright cool, 2 minutes here and then you go watch, deal?

got a glimpse of an in progress figure from paul kaiju. (working in collab with monstrehero cliff) some wicked little woodland monsters. boxer fungus and three creepy trees. they're looking pretty slick in their naked form. can't wait to see them taken to the psychedelic level with one of paul's colorful paintjobs.

this is what mario really looks like on shrooms.
give this man a wrench and watch him smash turtles...

aww, he named one after me.

the overload looking dude is pollen kaiser.
needs more spikes on that helmet.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

shark shark attack.

well that's the end of jaws. he was either attacked by another shark man, or fell into an industrial garbage disposal, or was ambushed by a band of chipmunks with katanas, or doesn't know how to use nail clippers, or fell in love with a weed whip, or swam less than 30 minutes after eating, or... i could do this all day.

motorbot has put the finishing touches on his custom coarsetoys pain jaws and it's ridiculous. he tore this guy to shreds; buckets of blood, teeth marks, eye gouge, bruises, shredded skin, exposed bones. i don't think this was a fair fight. he's truly in pain now, although the glare stays stoic.

he's all out of hello kitty band-aids...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the big red machine.

had to give you an update from crestone's earlier prototype. big red is all painted up and looking anxious for a firefight. who wants their face blasted? with his choice of weaponry, he's almost like a robot deadpool.

pretty sure if you scan that barcode on his crotch
it'll ring up "balls of steel, $39.99"

how 'bout suck on this?...

...oh that's much better.
he's got a way with words.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to play or not to play.

there are two types of collectors. two groups of people, separated by an ocean of ideals. one that few ever have the strength or the care to cross. those who play with their toys, and those who don't. there are warriors among both sides determined to sway their disillusioned brothers. "surely you can't be thinking of opening that vinyl-caped jawa. it's moc!" vs. "what good is an ewok village if you can't bash shit with the wrecking boulder?" this is exactly the reason for a lot of brother on brother violence.

i'm not here to judge... actually that's bullshit. i'm completely here to judge.
my line is drawn in the sand; the card sharks are wrong. toys fucking rule, and
not because they look nice on a pegboard. some of the greatest moments of my childhood involved a pile of g.i. joes and a mound of dirt. i could spend hours building forts with booby traps and hidden defenses. because the joy is in the story, not in how sharp the corners of the box are.

these faded shots are pure happiness.
look at the dedication... the jabba playset has evil dungeon lighting.
this is likely a seven-year-old. worried about atmospheric lighting...
you think the kid staring at a pristine cardboard box thinks about that shit?

look at all these awesome toys that you aren't allowed to touch.

now look at these...
tell me they don't get you excited to go bust out some action figures.
...this is how the creators start creating.
do you think george lucas kept his toys in the box?

this is all relevant, promise. there's a big decision fast approaching and some of you will get smacked in the face by it. nom de plume is soon to invade the wwrp world... and he comes in a insane blister pack. retrolicious and impossible to open without some cardboard casualty. so what do you do? if you have to think about it don't answer. you're just wrong. rip that fucker open the second he lands on your doorstep.


and just because i'm advocating unleashing this beast from his plastic prison, doesn't mean that i can't also be completely enthralled with the packaging.
look at it. simply perfect.

smell the retro love.
smells like christmas morning all over again.

1/12 scale means the mini de plumes are 6" tall...
do you realize how big that blister card is?
are you sure? look again.
...it's fucking gigantic.

pinky here is just a test dummy. just the most badass test dummy ever. and if for some reason you thought star wars figures were also 1/12 scale... this is what a hardcore stormie looks like next to noir.

so if you're lucky enough to have wwrp plumage headed your way, you know what to do. don't be a pussy. give the little dude some air.

pic of the badass jabba setup from zebra3x
pic of the the lucky little girl from aimeedars
pic of the x-wing from muteboy
pics of the mint in box collection from diefladercolb
pics of outdoor setups from originalpozer
pics of wwrp de plumes from the 3A production blog

Friday, May 21, 2010

the master blaster.

despite the wwrp line being out for a while now, we've not seen a crazy amount of customs. i suppose that's a credit to the incredible paint apps straight from the hatchery. people aren't too anxious to mess with perfection. then there are the brave, like crestone. who outfitted this bertie with some insane upgrades. one thing bertie will never be criticized for is lack of firepower. but that doesn't mean you can't have more of a great thing...

lucky bastard and little shit [great names by the way]
...the ladies call me thor.

i'm guessing little shit doesn't do a lot of typical square disarming.
seems more like the "grinding ash into your open wounds" type...

say hello to my little friend... and my other little friend.
and also my big friend.

crestone has also got this guy in the works... damn.
i believe the word i'm looking for is godlike.

a better look at the unpainted duo.
i'm also pretty sure i don't have to tell you to not make fun of the little legs...

the construction and intricacy of these is damned impressive. you'd think he had a tiny cnc machine sitting on his workbench. you will be watched closely sir. this is the kind of work that tends to get you noticed.


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