Friday, May 27, 2011

the unstoppable ink flow.

the man with the golden black pen has been rabidly busy since we last checked in. mr. jonpaulkaiser has taken great strides with his simple color palette, while being completely true to his style. every new piece is a little more refined and a lot more awesome. especially now that he's popped his cherry on some serious pieces of vinyl. there's no room for timid hands when you take a marker to a jaws/paws sculpt. there are few people i would trust with that freedom, and jpk is high on the list.

wrestles with the pain & fury.
i'll see your bald head and raise you a mustache.

he once killed three men and a horse with a single bitch slap.

panda murdering demon boy.
what's with all the giant hands?
don't look him in the eye or he'll turn your pants to shit.

perfectly demented and yet
can't find evil gloves or evil boots to save his life.

roasted by solo.
the only bounty hunter with eyes like a my little pony.

and the han still stands.
the empire will let in any ole nerfherder these days.
[silently wishing there were real stormtroopers]

boba. with trophy krayt dragon skull.
...moments after he escaped the sarlacc.
smelling strongly of gamorrean ball sweat.

ram-man and a tiny spartan hoplite.
helmets for he-man and hera.

warrior pandaimyo.
must have fallen asleep with his coffee mug on this chest.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

color collector.

jimmy tsui owns your shit.
he's the rangeas overlord. the custom conquistador. hue hoarder supreme.
he's the lucky bastard who commissioned maybe the coolest monster ever.
he's also the owner of the waterfall of greatness below.
crayola ain't got nothin on this bitch.
suck it box of 64!

sixteen in the clip and one in the hole.
rangeas is about to make some bodies turn cold.
now they droppin and yellin, it's a tad bit late.
tb and t9g had to regulate.

with a colorful tune to get you in the mood.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

artist spotlight: [ jason freeny ]

we all have guts on the inside. some of us have guts on the outside. [zombies] and thanks to the magic hand of jason freeny, we get to see both. for the past few months, i've been following his incredible sculpts, but never got around to posting them. then the jaws build started appearing... my god is it amazing. jason's smooth, defined style perfectly complements the coarse aesthetic.

but what's really amazing is the amount of work that he puts in to every detail. it's a wicked combination of skill and dedication that makes his pieces so jaw dropping. [npi] i love that his clay is raw. with no paint to hide his mistakes, anything less than perfection would be horribly distracting. he's also clearly got a keen eye for anatomy. there aren't exactly reference books lying around that focus on carebear skeletons. dude's amazing, simple as that.

50% skinned and still standing. and now the shark's a hat.
victory goes to noop.

eviscerated. then viscerated?

we can rebuild him. we have the technology.

teach your children about anatomy. and night terrors!

you can catch all of his new builds here. because he's cool like that.
so cool that he made this video of the magic behind the curtain. rock on.

Monday, May 23, 2011

one bear to rule them all.

i'm calling it a pandolar bear.
now with twice the extinction.

moon boots. pandolar bear.
skull face made of nipples, belly button and belt buckle?
check. check. and check.

this sexy little sketch by ajee is being brought to life in the wonder of three dimensions. in vinyl of course, but also fancied up in porcelain. like a toilet!
i'm not normally one to gravitate towards nudie sculpts, but this feels different. maybe it's the lack of skin tone, or the fact that i'm completely blinded by the wicked awesome bear sculpt. but, i like. fresh and stark like new snow, patiently waiting for the inevitable splatter of blood. eyes open y'all, don't let this duo slip through your fingers. oh, they're/she's called kosplay.

Monday, May 9, 2011

perfectly demonic.

holy shitballs.
this l'amour supreme custom rangeas is so metal it hurts.
we need music accompaniment immediately.

damn. i am jealous as hell of whoever commissioned the little demon.
the colors, the guts, the evil possessed stare. he's perfect.

Friday, May 6, 2011

totally not deadly.

oh bwana... you crazy trippy bastard genius. who else would create a beautiful
art show, entirely sloth-centric? just you sir, just you. and i applaud you for it.
bring on the sloths.

someone needs to put a real sloth in a powerwheels, stat.
i have dollars, youtube... make it happen.

almost... there... by amy ruppel
i wish i looked this good in my school pictures.

dispersed hope by masako miki
head down, ass up. that's the way we like to... chase confetti.

at 3 est today, the rest of those little pink bastards go on sale. here, i think. he's called sloth n moth, and he likes soda. i think i want a little slothy mossy-ass dude for myself. or if you happen to live in portland, stop by grass hut and check out the rest of the show magic.

images stolen from bwana and friends ain't family.


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