Tuesday, February 2, 2010

pizza and grease.

I, II, III, IV... four mutant pizza men on the floor. after the metal madness of mr. odobenus, iii's back and dirtier than ever. pizza man and sam sickmen are all greased up and ready to shoot out on friday at liver diet. the resin freakshow spectacular continues. come meet the new misfits. iii's got some great shots of the process on his blog.

you like my vest? you wanna lick it?

just an awesome shot of a man smothering a child.

pizza man: the official story [which rocks]
"Pizza Man's love for pizza is the cause of his lost arm. After a drunken night he ate his pizza so fast he didn't realize he had eaten half of his arm off. The most tragic part is, he had a perfectly good slice in his other hand... Is that pizza sauce or blood on his face? We will never know."

ma! i'm outta fucking pizza!

the four thumbs barbershop quartet.
hangnails and the bruise brothers.

sam sickmen: the official story [which also rocks]
"Sam Sickmen is the ugliest kid you will ever see. He chooses to have awful hygiene to hide his parent's wealth. No matter how bad he smells, he still wears the nice clothes his parents bought him. Sorry Sam, you're not fooling anyone."

i pledge allegiance to the filth.

dandruff and scabs are my only friends.

laid to rest in a coffin of clay.

iii just owns his style. these new guys are awesome. and with only four of each available, they will go fast. i can't wait until he's 10 figures deep and we can see the whole fucked up neighborhood in one shot. i also want to see some with weapons...

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