Friday, February 12, 2010

artist spotlight: [ scott radke ]

enter through the ear. bore a little hole in the eardrum. crawl down the tunnel and chip away at the bone. shovel out a little wet cave of brain. climb in, curl up and plug yourself in. we're going deep and you'll want to be comfortable. this is the part of your mind where you keep the fear. the part that can only be looked at through a mirror.
the medusa section that will turn you to stone if you scrape too hard. secrets live here.

scott radke creates some of the most incredible creatures. all slightly dark. all toeing the line between real and nightmare. all slowly digging their claws into your spine for the sweet juices. these are creatures that stick with you, whether you want them to or not.

muriel had always dreamed of being a mother.
but she also had quite a hunger for omelettes.

her raw delicate fingers couldn't crack the shell.
so she sat on it and started planning the nursery.

feeling the bass thudding in their guts,
the brothers nervously shuffled out onto the dance floor.
...middle school was gonna rule.

although he'd never seen the ocean, mort bled seawater.
and so margot begrudgingly drew on his 'tats' every morning
with a pen.

ann destroyed the lawn. she had eaten every bit of grass she could
find to try and become a woodland faerie.
she was now going to destroy the bathroom.

the imp's reflection continued to spawn his clones.
he was nearly a plague.
he had to get the fuck out of this fun house.

greta loved philip, but his block collection was driving them apart.
she decided to gut him in his sleep.
she hated therapists.

mark split his personality into anthropomorphic sections,
hoping it would isolate his mental anguish.
the split worked, but he was now stuck
caring for a depressed squid and a schizophrenic moose.

exhausted from mounting the orphan's head on her wall,
lucinda got dressed and went out to be caught by the sartorialist.

content with his place on the wall,
greg prayed daily for sudafed.

narnia suddenly grew dark and cold.
the child kings were out for blood...
pulled by the herd of skin kittens.

these make me happy and inspired.
and jealous of all the lucky people who already own one.
just incredible work.

you can follow his latest here on his blog.

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