Tuesday, September 28, 2010

it got ugly.

well that didn't take long. you leave a handful of fish eggs in a bucket of beaver urine on your back porch and the next thing you know the muscamoots are mating. overnight, your entire property is covered with glassy-eyed inbred disease ponies.

holed up in his island laboratory, dr. ryniak has been bending the laws of genetics to create his bitey little scumsuckers. he's pulled out all the stops for his latest show, "this could get ugly" currently at my plastic heart in nyc. i'm completely floored with the character and emotion he's able to cram into these tiny little dudes. (are there lady-moots?) his sculpting skills are just disgustingly good, and of course he's already established himself as a painting machine. seeing his all of his skills come together is just beautiful.

the red-gilled muscatoad subsists solely on calluses and caterpillars.

branching out with scavengers, buff monster minis and a freyja.
and yes, the cute as a button mushroom midge has a cute name.
fungus puppy.

that's not actually his tongue... he bit that off a sleeping hobo.

snybora! the next slinky little bastard is coming...
infections smell sweet. like victory.

tiger hammermoots are known for their airborne attacks.
flying out of the water and latching onto your arm
until you drop your beer in the water. and maybe some funyuns.

the rhino colons have become sentient!
and they want your marshmallows.

the golden boy, muscatang.
operates as chris' right-hand monster,
fetching brushes and drinking old paint water.

if you're lucky enough to live in new york, do yourself the favor of seeing these magical little guys in person. i'm pretty sure they're all sold out because chris' fans are rabid. but that shouldn't stop you from getting a little salmonella on your shoe at the exhibit.

images ripped right from the hands of i heart cool stuff and mphnyc.


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