Friday, April 15, 2011

ape attack.

i'm gonna warn you now. this is a shitty post. you can skip the words if you want. the pictures are what really matter, and i didn't even do anything special with them. aren't you lucky. but it's friday, so this is what you get.

this is why i don't do acid.
but, shit, are they beautiful.

they are neo gorillas from ilu ilu.
and i want.

who i just discovered.
pocket-sized for easy transportation.
they're badass and have the belts to prove it.

i got those two little gid fuckers on the end.

come to his fur castle.
get punched.

triangle of ape picture was rudely swiped from plasticxo.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

cough to get off.

you know how when you're sucking on a cough drop and the middle melts
before the edges and it gets really sharp and starts cutting your tongue but
it's so delicious that you can't stop so you end up with a lacerated idiot tongue?
yeah, of course you don't.

that's what this bag full of red jade mongolions is going to do once they're unleashed on the internet tomorrow... cut the internet's tongue, real bad too.

seriously, you better snag one of these sexy beasts quick.
they go on sale 11am pst tomorrow.

Monday, April 4, 2011

the itch.

the itch began where it shan't have been. it spread from child to traveling men.
gentle at first, but quickly raging. they tore off their skin in chunks and shavings.
the country bled, wails of mourning. masses writhing, fits of burning.
fingers pointed, gods defended. one smiled sweetly, undetected.
all because, the pompous prince. had dared to cross, the one true witch.

at least, that's what i saw in these incredible busts from jake waldron.
silicone hand-painted faces and each hair individually placed.
it's incredible, chilling work.
i love the juxtaposition of characters, with the same pained expression.
and somehow, they're still available. get her and him.
amazing jake. just amazing.


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