Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the monster in the closet.

last week i put my bulls-eye on kaiju and nobody took the bait. so i'm taking my case to a higher court. here are three completely kick-ass monsters [giants count as monsters] that i "get." there's no explanation necessary. they just fucking rule.

[disclaimer: these may or may not be considered real kaiju. i haven't waded into the shark tank at skullbrain to find out. i'd like to keep my fingers and toes.] [so if i'm wrong, please tell me... that's what that comment button is for]

mongolion: king of the snakes of infinity
that. is a game face.

awoken after 3000 years of slumber... he's ready to go.

a snarl that can wake the dead.

and a shiv for an arm? that's no joke.

the sculpt in all its naked glory.

l'amour supreme og
licking the blood from his sword.

i is in ur tv.

and with my next trick. i introduce the bop dragon from rumble monsters. devilish grin, muscular armor and a neck that would make he-man jealous.
made for one thing. devouring.

sea bop from dustin cantrell
the kraken on crack.

pissing into the wind.

clear vinyl with shit tossed inside has never really appealed to me.
it makes everything look like a kmart gumball machine... until now.
this guy eats tanks. not shitty plastic beads. tanks!

clear eater version
someone find me an industrial strength toilet...


i save the best for last. how hardcore is this?
the super7 jumbo machinder stormtrooper
in proto form. sign. me. up.

a year later... much more refined, just as hardcore.
he's got a firing fist! i would've sold my sister
for one of these when i was 7.
call me a doll and i'll gut you.

we're gonna need a bigger boat.

brian flynn walks us through the journey that birthed the jumbo.

three kings in their own right, brought together out of love. mongolions and bop dragons have been flying all over the place in every colorway imaginable. keep your eyes peeled because the best ones go fast. don't expect mr. machinder to stick around long either. you better cross your fingers that there is one left to sit under your christmas tree this year. keep checking the super7 blog for updates.

jumbo images from don solo and fiends ain't families
clear eater images from clutter
og mongolion images from zincsaucier

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