Thursday, March 18, 2010

visceral leakage.

busy week at work for me, means slow week in the land of frost. but these could not go unmentioned. coolvader just destroyed these two customs. ripped their skin from their bones and exposed the delicate inside bits. i love seeing the adapted anatomy of an imaginary beast, especially when it's done in such an intricate and beautiful way like this. coolvader's always rock. i dub thee, the doctor of dissection.

dissected king ken
half skinned, but the most disturbing part is that thumb...
what the hell kind of joint is that?

he was learning to teleport, one organ at a time.
too bad the power went out halfway through the skin.

mega mega munny
those definitely aren't quads. i guess munnys have octs...

it's the supremest of delicacies to eat the tentacled monster
who has just skinned you alive.

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