Friday, March 26, 2010

the retail wars get serious.

the dropcloth divisions are dangerously close to invading. peaceday will be the first out of the gate, closely followed by the bambaland packs, then as per the formula, the retail exclusives. and the retail exclusives are incredible. 5 evil and eviler warriors with a variety of killing skills, displayed below for your excitement. [ note: none of these guys has their decals yet, so they will look even more awesome in finished form. ]

deimos liberator |:|
"deimos dropcloth was a key player in liberating the main deimos relay station for mars, deimos is very important as a communications hub for mars. earth forces had held it for 23 days following a takeover with a crack team of commando dropcloths and troops... think custer's last stand, but he won..."

deimos would be happy to liberate your head from your body.

commando uncle 5 |:|
say it! say uncle!

slim red |:|
red like borscht. and ruptured kidneys.

panda shocktrooper |:|
"iron panda shock trooper clean up after a heavy shelling by large martin, all from iron panda division"
cuddly like a tin can full of nails.

slaughterhouse |:| the bastard butcher
"created to be an urban legend to spook the earth faction soldiers... and kill em. they rest during the daylight, as their light sensors pick up the fleeting light, they crawl from their hiding spots, tapping on windows, killing pets, and wholesale slaughter of towns etc. the euro bramble project has been very effective against these bastards in europe, and now many other countries are deploying units just to hunt and destroy these dropcloth as they rest... kinda like vampires. slaughterhouse is the worst, no restraints."
here kitty kitty...

sooo much fabulousity. i really can't decide which one i like best. slaughterhouse clearly has the it factor with the meat cleavers... slim red's a commie... deimos has the grease gun and seattle supersonics camo... panda is tougher than bamboo... and uncle is all steely with the blaster cap head. want.

timing is still tentative, but my guess is sometime in april. ash has said that all retailers will get them, so i don't think there are store specifics. just keep your eyes open and use the time to figure out which ones you will be adopting.


  1. great reviews thanks mastodon

  2. you are welcome.
    now show yourself...
    you can't comment from the shadows...

    actually you can, i'm just curious.



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