Thursday, March 11, 2010

do your part.

the moot! the moot! the moot is on fiyah! we don't need no wate... actually the water looks pretty fucking badass. aquamarine with touches of deep blue, all over a gid core. looks like this muscamoot has been playing in some toxic mud; get him near the light and watch him glow.

wouldn't he look fetching in a little butler outfit?

we have to assume he's a brilliant swimmer,
cause he's not running away from shit with those choad legs.

do your part! help clean up our waterways. get these beautiful little poisonous bastards out of the bay and onto your shelves. he's gonna be a great companion to his seaweed brother on my desk. i love the way the paint highlights his mottled skin on the back of his head, gorgeous.

the fishing begins tomorrow at noon in store at rotofugi and at 2pm online. (i assume that's chicago time) get to it.

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