Wednesday, March 31, 2010

dismantle you brick by brick.

something a little different today: legos. they're these little plastic bricks with nubs on them that fit together without the magic of glue! vinyl addicts step back, this is pure ABS plastic baby. only the good stuff. these bricks can be formed into tens, maybe even hundreds of different combinations. and if you're lucky, your combination will look like something.

these are all the work of angus maclane [cubedude]. he's created hundreds of different characters from things that you probably like. i'd seen one or two before, but i'd never gone in head first. this man is amazing. and he has excellent taste of subject matter. check out his flickr stream, you will not be disappointed.

wwr has breached your living room.

luke might have joined special ed squadron.
peanut butter-five checking in...

the cube abides.

by the power of midget legs!

i love you saturday morning.

in addition to being good with his bricks, angus works for a tiny animation company called pixar, lucky bastard. he's interviewed here by the brothers brick. angus, you get a gold star because you rock.

thanks to toysrevil for the tipoff about the berties

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