Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the losers revolt.

what the shit?
jaws: tigerbeat edition.

someone's been pocketing highlighters from the office again...

these are not fake. coarsetoys is set to release their loser edition of jaws on friday. two versions: the pink shark (blush) is limited to 50 pieces and the white is limited to 100. pink is friends and family only and comes with a signed print. white comes with a f&f code card. both are the same price: HK$2300. both come with the same swim trunks i had in 1990. but i suppose the neons are in again.

i actually really like the white-hatted chap. and the pink has it's own merits. however, i think coarse stretched themselves a little thin with the colorways on jaws. i understand the business involved, but it seems like the pixie version maybe could've been eliminated. perhaps give them the exclusive on the pink version of loser instead. not that it really matters as i'm sure these will be gone in seconds. you can read up on the full details here.

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