Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a lovely hoth vacation.

i have no idea how i missed something as incredible as this, but i did. created by toybot studios, it's a custom musyubel turned serene hoth wampa. it was part of the kaijin show at kaiju blue last year.
[here's their english blog.]

partnered with a sparkly luke, a purple tauntaun and a mini parasitic blobpus, this is one beautifully dreamy piece.

one rabid rebel for sale!
makes a great dinner! has a real stingy stick!
please take him before i lose more limbs...
no? guess i'll toss him on craigslist.

step right up. two tickets to malkovich this big fucker...
ok, one ticket... and the rest of your elephant ear.

getting so sleepy.
must stop spaghetti from leaking out of arm.

also part of the show was this gorgeous bastard from skull toys.
caught red-handed. eyes a little dilated.

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