Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the dropcloth droppeth.

wind up your cuckoo clocks, break out the sundials. the newest member of the wwr 1/6 clan is arriving in two days and some hours. you should already be aware of this. but if not, go to the official blog to see a realtime countdown.

dropcloth is set to cut you up with a swat van full of weapons and some wicked dance moves. he's 12" tall which means 6' in "real" life, and because of his man-like proportions, i hear he's quite poseable. so i expect good things out of you wwr flickr group of champions...

ash just put this excellent class photo up on the blog this week. for those of us who do not have one of each behemoth, it's awesome to see their size in relation to each other. brings the view of the battlefield just a little clearer.
john h. : suicidal : olivier : jungler : dirty deedlet

all together now... evisceration!

so far there have been ten droppies hinted at.
the first 4 are part of the pack released on thursday.
desert [monty]
medic [dr. zhivago]
jungle adventure [jungler]
slim red
commando [uncle2]
emgy [with riot shield, baton and mk2 peaceday square]

instead of showing you a bunch of studio shots of the boys,
i thought i'd give them a little playground.
note [none of them have their decals yet]

jungler, monty and dr. zhivago step out
for a little game of death ball.

red and jungler.
[the pools of blood are behind the camera]

snowballer and uncle go searching
for some punk-ass kids.

emgy is also releasing on thursday, but only if you are 3AA. which i am now, thank you ash, kim, benny, ivy and candy. nw/dw/diy will be a super secret release god knows when. all the others you will have to search for at retailers. don't sleep on these. you'll smack yourself later.

abandoned barracks gym courtesy of vincent jansen.
shots of the detroit train station courtesy of 500milesfromfargo and mwysor.
photoshops by me.

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