Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the woebots are assimilating.

you remember this guy? of course you do. he made you ruin your computer chair when i showed you the teaser in november. well he's close. close enough to get a whiff of his bear resin musk. aaron said he's dropping in a few weeks. so be ready.

those omega-3s will get you jacked.
...but maybe only in the forearms.

fresher, shinier, crownier proto shots.
a king is no king without subjects to rule over...
hint hint aaron.

proof of life.
his kidnappers will pay.

:: two for tuesday ::

so maybe i'm a reh-tard (actually there's a high probability)
but i hadn't watched any episodes of vinyl addition until now.
and while watching episode 1, i kept asking myself a question...

why is nobody talking about
the woebots possessed production fig?

i have not seen one mention anywhere that this was legit and happening.
that first episode was 1 year ago! has it since been cancelled?
what the hell people? he's been on display at munky king!

look at this thing... he's fucking cool as shit.
[images captured from the episode below]

you will be mine.

for any of you that are as behind as me... here's the clip.

so there you go. two crazy ass woebots pieces in one day. are you not impressed? you should be, because they rule. and if anyone has any more info about the possessed... please pass it my way.

until then. i'll be scouring munky king, vinyl addiction, silent stage and army of snipers for the latest.

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