Thursday, March 4, 2010

i'm only hue-man.

when i was a kid, i was obsessed with colors. especially combos of colors. every time a new combo became popular [teal & purple...]
i thought that it was the coolest pairing you could ever have, and that it would always look awesome. clearly that was grade school logic,
but my love for colors never stopped. the same thing happened with neons, even more so when matched with black.

i had a killer skateboard with a neon pirate on the bottom that i thought was the raddest thing ever. too bad i didn't think actually riding it was rad too. nevertheless, neons and the funky ass 80s color combos take me back.

cpassak from gangtoyz gave me a childhood bitchslap this morning when i stumbled on to his wicked creations. electric blue skin, gnarly teeth and exposed skeletons... somebody find my checkerboard vans... where's my hang ten gear? the frenchman has some serious talent and he's clearly not afraid to use it. if i ever make it back to france, you're getting a high-five.

this is a plush from awesometown.
michael jackson moves and a pink loafer.
he must be in the mob.

i'm gonna go play some battletoads and eat a box of fruit snacks.

mr. t! i want the rest of the a-team here now...
so they can build me a bmx jump out of bricks and plywood.
and i can then break my face.

i thought we were knee deep in my childhood...
sprinkle a little g.i. joe on top...
and now we can't even touch the bottom.
i always wanted to grow up to be snake eyes. for real.

bonus time:
you can purchase a lot of these guys for your very own.
itableau has them for sale.

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