Friday, March 19, 2010

the soup is sentient.

1000 years after the rise and fall of the zombie apocalypse/empire,
the robots will win. and when they've raped the earth of all its raw ore, scrap metal will become the most valuable substance on the planet. dumps and junkyards turned into the palaces of entrepreneurial warlords. and those warlords will need warriors, lest they have nothing to lord over.

which leads me to sentient soup cans. a deutsche 3A legionnaire, muffinman released his custom bramble earlier this week and blew everyone's socks off. he's an inch or so taller than your standard issue [to gain truer can proportions]. a beautifully raw paintjob over perfect decals and a few choice tweaks make a potentially fringe concept absolutely spot on.

what's the soup du jour?
it's napalm.
mmm. that sounds good. i'll have that.

sorry, it's actually goulash...
flammable goulash though right?
of course.

contents under pressure might just kick your ass.

only the hardcore get their head tattooed with crossbones.
[silverware counts as bones when you're made of metal]

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