Friday, January 29, 2010

lost in the woods of michigan.

64colors of sharp crisp crayons on a friday afternoon. could anything else be better? 64colors is actually a talented duo from here in the great white north, although i'm guessing their name is an allusion to the big box of 64. laura and eric had a big year with the release of marshall mashumaro; fathered by the terrific triumvirate of squibbles ink, rotofugi and 64colors.

the wilderness w├╝nderkids are quite talented character designers and as evidenced below, pretty handy with a paintbrush. their most recent conquest was 20" of mega munny.

porcelain face and a maple-hard ass.

flaming monkey horns. i like the sound of that.

not content to leave mischievous marshall alone, 64colors has started customizing and selling the little nugget. some are still available in their shop.

the river runts
half vampire gourd, half booger.

marshall monsters
this is why lucha libres wear masks.

you can count their rings to see how many children they've mauled.

stay tuned as i'm sure they'll continue to blow minds this year with even more hidden creatures and woodgrained midgets.

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