Thursday, October 1, 2009


two months ago i covered the giants of vinyl. tiny little man-sized toys in comparison to these super-behemoths. it's a battle of the asias to see who can build the biggest fucking robot possible, with the south koreans going for the gold. watch for kim jong to try and sweep the leg of their ungodly large taekwon v.

but first up is the 59ft gundam. he lives lived in tokyo until the end of august. even more sweet pics of him here.

59ft of robogasm.

he will beat up your christmas tree.

japanese kids are lucky little bastards. it's got lights and smoke!
i had a robot once with lights and smoke,
he couldn't take down a chipmunk.

the 60ft tall tetsujin. also in japan. this time in kobe... mmmm beef.
he goes on permanent display this month.
a giant kinder egg with judo chop skills. sweet.

defender of your apartment complex parking lot!

tetsujin x pixie x coarsetoys paw x much cooler than tetsujin

the 364ft taekwon v at robot land south korea. shit. do you realize how big that is? that's like 4 at-ats stacked on top of each other, with another legless dachshund at-at on top. megahuge. being built now, and set to open in 2012. coincidentally the year the world is supposed to end... maybe it's because of this guy.
the statue of liberty can suck it.
this is the statue of win.

he even dominates toy trains.

our last giant robot is of course the king of pop. this is only a 30 footer, but the mad genius had plans for a desert-wandering 50 foot nightmare. sounds like a burning man massacre to me.

sculpted back when he was still human.

patiently waiting for someone to build him a giant astro boy companion.

with the exception of mr. jackson, i love that these monsters are real. they have incredible power. not just to destroy planets and large attacking spacecraft, but to put the future back up on the pedestal where it belongs. people are cynical as ever about the state of the world, myself included. it's things like this that bring back a little awe and excitement, especially for kids. this is crucially important. kids (and adults) need to be inspired. to think that anything is possible.
this is the future we want. we may not have flying cars and jetpacks,
but we do have giant ass robots.

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