Wednesday, September 23, 2009

severed limbs.

the jaw-droppingly awesome jaws pain.
dropping next month in two flavors: busted lip and skull fracture.

busted lip
aka: signature edition gets the paper box and a ? for run size.

skull fracture
aka: hkg edition gets the deluxe wooden tooth box and a signed silkscreen print in an edition of 100.

er buddies.
did the shark spear him in the heart too? brutal.

it's just a flesh wound.

that's not a knife... this is a knife.

either brutalized bastard would sit nicely next to brother flake.

while we're pairing up... another nice combo. chopper / roto jaws
care for a cup of green blood?

skull fracture, you might have to come rehab with me.

jaws pain images from coarse.
pain image from icemarmott. chopper/roto image from chronic10.

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