Wednesday, September 16, 2009

karma chameleons.

i went to toy karma.
it was like willy wonka's factory. colorful. bizarre. dangerous?
a lot of fantastically detailed work by some toy-lovin fools.

respect the bear steed.

bring on the panthor variants...

looks like dinner for the zag...

but you don't mess with the clawed creamsicle.

invisible prey is scared shitless.

candy-coated stoners.

waiting for his kiss.

blasted in the ass by the mongler sherman.

like pompeii...

...with godzilla.

you can still buy a decent number of these guys. they're all very anxious to take over your shelves. support the artists and shops that make sweet things like this melt in your mouth.

toy karma iii is two years away... what are you going to create?

all pics came off my shitty iphone camera.

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