Thursday, September 17, 2009

huffing vinyl.

field trip!
so the reason you got no posts for a week was because i was in chicago earning dollars. with the 5% of my time that i wasn't working,
i went to rotofugi. and it was awesome. met kirby and whitney. experienced a dunny trading party. saw a deer head being traded for some baseman vinyl. yes, a real deer head. and peeped their massive in-store selection. so here's my book report.
the neverending line of dunny addicts.

piles of colorful goodness.

polar bears fuckin rock y'all.

two large martin war machines and a peacemaker.
they kinda cancel each other out.

chickens away!
just a badass bronze army man storming the bastille.

blind box attack mode.

eye patches. popular with crappy cats and bitchin lincolns.


coarse v. akira motorcycle.

two faithful guardians.

my six-faced nut-kickin souvenir.

the lesson for the day is go to chicago. not only for hotdogs and pizza, but for toys! and rotofugi is the place to buy those toys. visit them and they will take care of you.

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