Thursday, September 3, 2009

artist spotlight: [ southerndrawl ]

the man has animal instincts. and a tool chest full of skills.
southerndrawl has a distinct ability to capture believable emotion in the unbelievable characters he creates. intensity and seriousness in caricature creatures is incredibly difficult and he does it so damn well.

i think i'm drawn to his work because this is the kind of shit i have in my sketchbook, just not nearly as good. maybe some day. he's been gathering fans wherever he goes, but his latest creation is what really brought him to a new level.

muttpop tequila minotaur
free of the labyrinth, on a path of destruction.

some tats from prison, some from hell.

the last guy who took a picture of his back is now in three pieces.

lifeless eyes. watching you bleed yourself dry.

badger munny.
angry because he's stuck with a little ween nubbin.

sabertooth madl.
chipped his tooth opening a can of tuna.
don't laugh or he'll chip the other one on your skull.

ram panda teddy troop.
a bear with horns? k-i-l-l-e-r.
he's like the voltron of animals.

could use a hand sharpening the other two horns.

rabbit qee.
tatooed by elmer fudd.

qee-munny wolverine.
built to actual size.
you gotta problem with 16" canadians bub? didn't think so.

it be ahab munny and moby labbick.
we'll be eating blubber sandwiches for months.

i can't wait to see what sick puppy he's gonna toss out next.
better get in line, because he's gonna be busy.
keep on rockin it.

keep tabs on him here.

all pics from the man himself.



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