Thursday, September 24, 2009

we three two kings.

Ben and Liam Scriven are 2PetalRose.
they may sound like a punk band from an irvine welsh novel but they're actually just two cool dudes making badass toys. highly trained killers of all disciplines come swarming out of their workshop. gorillas, gas masks and samurai swords are all quite natural in their resin boot camp. their first releases, the kombat kings, have been praised for their exceptional quality, level of detail and original design. despite being busy with two big new releases, they were kind enough to take the time to be the first exclusive interview of the land of frost.

10 questions with liam.

mastodon | who is 2petalrose and where did the name come from?
liam | It's an "ode to" our Mum.

mastodon | at actual size, could an unarmed kombat king
take a toddler in a fight?
liam | I reckon at actual size a Kombat King would struggle
with a toddler... they're so fierce.

mastodon| a fat toddler?
liam| No way!

mastodon | what is your favorite piece you own that you didn't create?
liam | I have a set of Sam and Twitch (McFarlane) from the classic
covers series... they're proper good.

mastodon | beans on toast?
liam | with cheese in a sandwich... oh go on then.

mastodon | do you work little bits at a time or go on crazy
casting/painting/sculpting benders?
liam | Depends on the release, if we have a certain number to do
for a release, we'll cast them all out then paint...
one offs and commissions will usually be done 1 at a time,
but like any other addiction, you can get carried away for sure.

mastodon | Ben, Liam... bare knuckles, one round, who wins?
liam | Is he like Bear Grylls? If he is, we would win.

mastodon | how many years until the kombat kings feature film?
liam | Could be a while, but a game might be sooner.

mastodon | what do you do when you aren't making toys?
liam | Making music, we've been in bands for years
so that passes the time nicely

mastodon | give us two cryptic words about your next big project.
liam | Big. Kings.

an army of bruce.
24 silent assassins.

BLK - Bruce Lee King
releasing this sunday at 10 am gmt
buy them here.

game of death
both versions hand painted by Sick8oy:Custom
this one in exploded liver yellow.

enter the dragon
bloody scars or sweet yellow onitsukas?... the eternal question.

and dropping a little more kung-fu grip
is the release of samurai king on october 16th
first pre-order is already gone.
get your clicky fingers ready to get ahold of one of the next 20.

if this is your first 2petal experience, you might need some time to get off the floor. it's a lot to take in all at once.

what you need to do is go here because this shit is blowing up.
big kings. ninja warriors. video games?
congrats boys and many thanks for the interview.
can't wait to see where the next year takes you.

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