Wednesday, September 9, 2009

artist spotlight: [ lunabee ]

tribal fairy dust. that's the only explanation.

miss lunabee sprinkles it at the base of a tree ripe with sprites. unable to resist the intoxicating high of fairy dust, the sprites eagerly spring from their nests and are mercilessly ensnared. in exchange for their release, the sprites must pose for lunabee to paint their portraits. bound by the laws of the forest they oblige, but all bare their teeth in protest. the woodlands of the uk are no longer safe for magical creatures. let these captive souls be a warning.

if you haven't heard of lunabee yet, you will. in the short amount of time that she's been customizing, she's gathered a solid following and even more respect. her pieces sell out faster and faster every time, due in no small part to her distinctive style: intricate and well-balanced from top to bottom. cute and sweet, but not too sweet. just enough to get you close enough for a nibble...

the latest. and greatest.

tooth fairies turned finger fairies. hope you awake with all 10...

the midnight masquerade: the wu-tang clan of the pixie world.

the real carebears had teeth. and trophy skulls.

emo sprite swallowed his own thorny heart.

never look a sprite directly in the eye. or you'll never look away.

don't let the smile fool you.

...they're all out for blood.

celebrating the arrival of fresh meat.

the hunter returns victorious.

they get feisty when you threaten their young.

unlike the phoenix, these tears only burn.

look deep into their inky black eyes and you'll risk being swept away for good. although, if their secret world of tiny skulls and midnight masquerades is half as wonderful as luna makes it out to be,
it might not be such a bad trip.

keep watch for her magical work on her blog. flickr. and twitter.

a kidrobot boardie recently suggested she be considered for the next dunny series... i would be surprised if when it's all said and done, she ended up with only one.

all pics taken by and from the lady herself. presumably at her favorite poaching grounds.

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